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The Difficult Dao Era started 30,000 years ago, after Immortal Emperor Ta Kong was defeated and the Heaven's Will was torn by the Black Dragon King,[19] and offered as a sacrifice to the Immortal Demon Grotto in order to obtain Li Qiye's true body.[?]

Without the Heaven's Will, the world's energy was depleted, and the cultivators had a hard time practicing the Dao. This was why this era was called the Difficult Dao Era.

Cultivators that had reached Enlightened Being and Ancient Saint couldn't take another half step forward because of the dried up world's energy, so their cultivation remained at the same place. This Era caused countless Enlightened Beings and Ancient Saints to die from old age. The ones that managed to escape this fate all halted their longevity and went into isolation and didn't dare to appear in the world.[12] This Era had entirely tortured cultivators of the Nine Worlds for the next 30,000 years.[19]

The loss of the Heaven's Will also cut the paths between the Nine Worlds and travel between them became imposible.[?]

The Difficult Dao Era ended when the world's energy began to recover, heralding the start of the Current Era.[19]


30,000 years ago

~3,000 years ago

1675 years before Novel's start

~1600 years ago

~1000 years ago

~50 years ago

25 years before Novel's start

20 years before Novel's start

18 years before Novel's start

16 years before Novel's start

13 years before Novel's start

10 years before Novel's start

  • The Difficult Dao Era ended ten years before the beginning of story.[19]


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    1. It is mentioned in Chapter #0089(WuxiaWorld) that this happened after Immortal Emperor Ta Kong's death.
    2. He called Dong Shenglong (who is 3000 years old) a brother, and Gu Tieshou (who is more than 1000 years old) considered him to be from the previous generation.
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