Dharma is the Buddhist Dao. One could cultivate the Dharma by reading Buddhist scriptures, chanting sutras,[1] severing mundane ties[2] and obtaining a Buddhist Heart.[3]

The great power of Dharma in the Buddhist Burial Plateau is due to the existence of a broken pot.[4]


Buddhist Affinity (佛息)

Buddhist Affinity is the energy that powers buddhist monks and it is generated in the Buddhist Heart. Buddhist Affinity manifests externally as an aura or buddhist light and also as buddhist images.
In the Buddhist Burial Plateau, Buddhist Affinity could affect others' Dao Heart.[5] People affected by Buddhist Affinity would be converted into Buddhist followers [6] and could be convinced to repent for theirs sins (commit suicide) or exterminate all evil (kill others).[7]
The auras of millions and millions of monks in the Buddhist Burial Plateau cause the slow conversion into Buddhism of people residing in it and the creation of the Buddhist Sea.

Buddhist Sea (佛海)

The Buddhist Sea is the manifestation of collective faith and aura of all monks, the true form of the Buddhist Burial Plateau. It exists in a different space only accessible to souls. A direct exposition to the Buddhist Sea led to an extremely fast conversion to Buddhism.[8] Only a person with huge achievements in the Dharma can be accepted by it and control its power.[9] When someone borrow its power, millions of monks would chant in unison generating buddhist images that could kill or exile enemies.[10]

Buddhist Eye (佛目)

The Buddhist Eye allows to see through anything, even past eras, nine heavens above and hell below.[11]

Ascension (飞升)

The biggest advantage of Dharma, the eternal life. For this reason, many Godkings and Emperor Candidates would come to the Buddhist Burial Plateau and convert to Buddhism. Once one become a real high monk and manifest an aura is possible to survive without Blood Energy.[2] But just those who ascend to the Buddhist kingdom, losing their physical bodies to transform into a Buddhist Lord, can obtain true eternal life.[8] However, only by staying at the Buddhist Burial Plateau would they stay alive, if they leave this place everything will be turned into smoke.[2]


  • Monk
  • High Monk
  • Sacred Monk
  • Arhat
  • Vajra
  • Bodhisattva
  • Buddhist Lord

In the 10th world, Li Qiye visits the Buddhist Burial Plateau and shows that the past epochs that perfected Buddhism to the apex also derived entirely new levels of Dharma. These levels are as follows:

  • Buddha
  • Golden Buddha


  • Dharma is hinted to be a cultivation method from a remote Epoch where buddhism flourished. The only reason why is possible to cultivate it in the present is due to the influence of the Myriad Thoughts Pot.


  • 1 Dharma


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