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Destiny Stones (天命真石) (also known as True Fate Godly Ore (真命神石)[1]) are a type of the material used to create True Treasures.[2]

Destiny Stones were born from the heaven and earth. They can contain several heavenly accumulations that each one represent a grand dao and take the form of a circle.

A Stones with three accumulations were called existence dao. Stones with four to six dao were called grand form dao. Stones that had seven or more accumulations would have a possibility of containing a deity dao. A nine accumulations stone would definitely contain at least one. Cultivator believe that a stone with more accumulations is better due to the probability of obtain a stronger dao.[3]

Nevertheless, that is false, there is only the most suitable destiny stone and not the strongest one. Since even an invincible Immortal Emperor True Treasure could be created from one accumulation Destiny Stone, that only depend if the stone suits the cultivator. Furthermore if one found the suitable destiny stone, it can undergo a heavenly accumulation fusion and combine several accumulations together to form a stronger accumulation.[2]


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