During his youth, Samsara, like many other top masters, tried hard with youthful vigor and fought for his loved ones and friends. Once he achieved invincibility, he illuminated the era with his light.

Unknown events led him to the dark to become the most terrible lord of an epoch. Nevertheless, he still had light in him

Saint was his rival during his epoch.

Samsara eventually became a dark overlord and ruined an entire epoch. Who knows what made him change, but the change itself is a clear warning to all.

In the distant epoch of the wildland, Samsara had reaped trillions of existences for many eras. In his eyes, the living beings were simply his food and nutrition to grow his own power.

Not too many back in his epoch knew of his title. But once they did, it meant that the end of the era was coming.

Countless wise sages sang their righteous songs and raised their banners against Samsara. Alas, they were either killed or forced into submission and became his henchmen in the form of other dark overlords preying the epoch.

Samsara was the origin of the darkness for his epoch. It could be said that all the pain and suffering of an entire epoch originated from him. He reaped countless lives for his own sake.

He's known as Desolate Saint in the Three Immortals World.

He was still in Three Immortals World and "being" desolate saint in this era because the bull said “I heard that damned saint say something about a calamity and those who have tried to stop it so I thought he was trying to boast about his greatness, thinking that he’s a savior. So maybe he wasn’t talking about himself but rather Fire Ancestor’s group?”

The ship of Fire Ancestor being build by Arrogance Enterprise and Arrogance founded by Jiao Heng, he was at the very least in Three Immortals World when Jiao Heng was there. We can't know the exact time because we don't know when Jiao Heng leave the Tenth World.

It either mean that even while being suppressed by the High Heaven because he was a remnant from an old epoch he was able to leave the Tenth World and create its system during this epoch or he create it during his epoch and go back and forth after (not very plausible because of the old tree demon) or simply a mistake made by Yanbi Xiaosheng (Author).


A dao heart of darkness


  • Human skin
  • Chrono Disk


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