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The Demons are considered to be the oldest race in the Nine Worlds. Howbeit the Demons are indeed a very archaic race. As long as the world continued to exist, so would the demon race.[1]

The Demons are animals, plants or inanimated things that were enlightened in the Dao, gained their own consciousness and cultivated a humanoid body. Demons are born thanks to the incubation of worldly energy or from powerful cultivators' dao preaching and protection.[1] While they come from many different species they are considered to be a single race.

Stone Golems

Due to the similarity of their origins, some people believe that the Stone Golems are also a part of the Demon Race, but both races rejects this claim.[2][1]


As they came from the different species, the Demons didn't have uniform look. In most cases they are half-humans with animal head or limbs, or vice versa - half-animals with a human head/limbs.[1]

Powerful Lineages


  • 66 Appearance(s) of Demons
  • 59 Representative(s) of Demons
  • 16 Lineage(s) of Demons
  • 2 Tribe(s) of Demons
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