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Little Silly was left behind in the Evil Infested Ridge at the start of the Emperors Era. Under protection of Immortal Emperor Min Ren's Amnesty Decree and Dark Crow's aura, Little Silly stayed there for millions of years until the end of the Emperors Era.[1]


Some time during Dark Crow's last slumber someone<ref group="note" name="murderer"> entered the Evil Infested Ridge and killed Little Silly.[1]


When Li Qiye regained his original body and entered the Evil Infested Ridge at the start of the Current Era, he discovered what Little Silly was completely destroyed with nothing but dao bone left behind.[1]


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    1. Identity of Little Silly's murderer was never revealed, but only Immortal Emperor Ta Kong and Gu Zun would dare to act against Dark Crow. And of the two, only Ta Kong would have power to overcome Immortal Emperor Min Ren's protection.
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