Nobody knows the origin of Dark Cultivators. Some seem to be cultivators from ancient eras,[1] others where born in the Devil World.[2]


Dark Cultivators have different shapes and forms but all have a Devil Heart and evil flames surrounding them. Dark Cultivators have no flesh nor blood but they are alive and can't be killed, they have eternal life.[3][1] Although is posible for someone to obtain a Devil Heart to cultivate in the devil way, the process is incredible painful and difficult.[4] Dark Cultivators can't go outside of the Devil World.

Evil Energy (魔气)

Evil Energy is the equivalent of Buddhist affinity for Dark Cultivators.[5] The more evil energy a Dark Cultivators have the more powerful it is.[1] Evil Energy also affects other's Dao Heart, making the Inner Demon stronger.[3]

Evil Soul (魔元)

Evil Soul is the equivalent of true fate for Dark Cultivators. In the Evil Slaying Platform, Dark Cultivators use their evil energy to form a bridge towards a unknown world and their evil soul departs to it.[6]



Dark Cultivators have a tremendous respect for the ranks. The rank of a Dark Cultivators is determined by the amount of evil energy.[1]

  • Devil
  • Dark Saint
  • Devil King
  • Devil Lord


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