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Dao Weapons (道兵) are the main weapons of cultivators in the Tenth World. They are are created out of precious metals combined with Dao Fetuses (道胚) found in Dao Materials (道材), and ranked by the strength of the fetuses and the strength of their cultivation.

An imperial arsenal is created from a set of Dao Fetuses, which in battle is used to attack as a formation.[1] The highest level of these are the sets of True Immortal Armament, of which there exist only five:

The strength of Dao Weapons can be cultivated such that Emperors aiming for the Ultimate Expedition prepare special weapons, called Heaven Punishing Imperial Weapons. A (failed) example of this type of weapon is Min Ren's Benevolent Halberd, given to Star Stomper High God.[4] A successfull example are

  • Lunar Dual-slash, two sabers created by Mortal Reversion Ancient God.[5]



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