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Dao Materials (道材) are the main component in creating Dao Weapons in the Tenth World. In order for the weapons to be able to use primordial chaos, apart from precious metal, a cultivator has to inlay a dao fetus (道胚), naturally found in Dao Materials.

A dao fetus is born when heaven and earth flow together to form the grand dao. Normally they can be found in mysterious pebbles or remains of beasts.

The fetuses are separated into different types (sword fetus, saber fetus, spear fetus..) and into different levels:

  • White Adornment (白装)
  • Violet Force (紫兵)
  • Golden Inlaid (镶金)
  • Orange Martial (橙武)
  • Heaven Bestowment (天封)

The higher level would create stronger weapons.[1]

Moreover the fetuses are divided into Postnatal Fetuses, which grow with their masters cultivation, and Prenatal Fetuses, which have their own cultivation and normally start at Dao Sovereign and Golden Inlaid.[2]


Several Dao Fetuses could appear inside of the same material. When there are three or more and they are of the same grade, they are called a Set. The number of fetuses that could appear at the same time is inversely proportional to their grade. Sets of the lowest grade, White Adornment, could be formed by many Dao Fetuses and if their number exceeds 600, the treasure created from it could beat even a Heavenly Bestowment.[3]



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