Dao Lineages (道统), alternatively called Dao Systems, are nations or sects that were created by True Emperors at the Progenitor (始祖) level in the Three Immortals World.

Depending on the Level of their respective progenitors, they belong to one either Myriad Lineage World, Imperial Lineage World or Immortal Lineage World.

History's strongest Progenitors are well known as the Decemvirate, the Top Ten Progenitors, serving as reference points to compare powerful cultivators and prodigies. These include:

Further members might be:

List of Dao LineagesEdit

The titles of Immortal Emperors confirmed to be alive after Li Qiye regained his body are highlighted.

Name World Progenitor Description
Long Xiao's Father[7]
Insane Court Myriad Insane Ancestor Started as a Dao Lineage in Immortal Lineage, but declined down to Myriad Lineage
Yang Radiance Sect Myriad Wang Yangming One of the strongest (top-three) sects in Myriad Lineage.[8] Wang Yangming learned the arts of Desolate Saint from the Academy of Light.[9]
Coiling Dragon Myriad Coiling Dragon Coling Dragon was a pseudo-student of the Academy of Light.[4]
Vermillion Martial Court Myriad Martial Ancestor One of the top-three powers in Myriad Lineage.[8]
Resting Bull Myriad Resting Bull Progenitor Elucidation True Emperor came across the Resting Bull Scripture and revitalized the depleted dao source, reviving the whole system.[10]
Longevity Myriad Alchemy Immortal During his youth, Alchemy Immortal found the Alchemy Scripture of Emperor Nong. Later he used his Longevity Scripture to create the system.[11] Weaker than Yang Radiance or Vermillion, but with a similar overall status.[12] Alchemy immortal was a pseudo-student of the Academy of Light.[4]
Sacredheal Myriad Regalia Progenitor Sacredheal Progenitor (alt. translation) never returned form Moneyfall's Imperial Perish. [13][14]
Sword Grave Myriad Sword Saint Sword Saint left behind a tomb along with his sword intent inside the system's dao source. Later the tomb flew away into Moneyfall, leading to the decline of Sword Saint's descendant, the Ling Clan.[15] Sword Saint became an immortal-level progenitor[16] and entered Uncrossable Expanse.[6]
Cloudcrossing Myriad Cloudcrossing Progenitor Cloudcrossing Progenitor found the Drum of the Thunder God in an ancient legacy ruin and left it for his descendants.[17]
Heavenstart Myriad Skysplitter Saber Ancestor Heavenstart Saber Ancestor (alt. translation) left some of his true blood for his descendants.[18] Skysplitter Saber Progenitor was a pseudo-student of the Academy of Light.[4]
Pureyang Myriad Pureyang Progenitor
Mu Clan Imperial Mu Yun One of the three behemoths of Imperial.[19] Mu Yun is an immortal-level progenitor able to create a Paragon Artifact.[20] He left a Quasi Artifact for his clan.[21]
Nine Secrets Imperial Nine Secrets Currently one of the strongest in Imperial, referred to as one of the three behemoths.[19] Its immortal-level[22] progenitor was a dsciple of Bao Pu.[23]
Li Clan Imperial One of the three behemoths of Imperial.[24]
Stone Harmony Imperial Stone Harmony Progenitor Once the ruler of Imperial, it declined for unknown reason without falling back to Myriad.[24] It was attacked by one of the dark existences from outside Three Immortals.[25] Revitalized by Li Qiye, who released its dao source out of the Three Immortals Tree's stone jar.[26]
Soaring Dragon Imperial
Agility Imperial
Left Bank Imperial Left Bank Progenitor
Famed Bamboo Imperial Famed Bamboo Progenitor
none Gao Yang A brilliant progenitor, reffered to by his real name.[27] He established High Sun Pavillon as an alliance for the strongest cultivators with the same mindset to meet.[28] He entered Uncrossable Expanse.[6]
Bao Pu The first Progenitor in the written history of Three Immortals World.[23] He entered Uncrossable Expanse.[6]
Immortal Demon Immortal Xiao Shi
Academy of Light Immortal Desolate Saint
Old Man (Tree Demon)
One of the most prestigious systems in Immortal. It is as deep as the ocean and has produced numerous geniuses.[9]
Myriad Truefire Progenitor Defeated by Everlasing Jiang[29]
God Eye Immortal God Eye Progenitor God Eye Progenitor was defeated by Far-Dao.[29] The system shows great solidarity and is led by the Three-eyed Tribe,[30] Three-eyed Prodigy’s branch. They are able to mobilize a combined fleet, a testament to their firm grasp.[31]
Jade Zenith Immortal Jade-zenith Progenitor Jade-zenith known to be able to gaze into the future and calculate its general flow, still alive and staying in Heaven Calculating Pavilion[32]
True Dragon Court Immortal Rumored to have real divine beasts, with their progenitor being supposedly an ancestral dragon.[33]
current Orchid Sage From Strong Grass[5]
Strong Grass Immortal [5]
current Luminous Master [5]
Purification Creek Immortal Xian Baihui (White Ash Progenitor) Once the strongest Lineage in Immortal, its progenitor, one of the two using his real name as a title, was tricked by Jiao Heng.[5]
Metalkin Divine Court Immortal The court is the ancestral land of the Metalkins.[34] Its current ruler is Metalkin War God who led the court against God Eye System.[35]
Garden of God Immortal Sacred Spirit Ancestor A paradise for the members of the Sacred Spirit Tribe. The Ancestor entered Uncrossable Expanse.[6]
Lankavatara Temple Immortal Lankavatara Buddha Lankavatara Buddha could rival Desolate Saint in terms of illuminating and saving the people.[36] He entered Uncrossable Expanse.[37]
Five Elements Mountain Immortal Five Element Progenitor Considered the strongest and most mysterious in Immortal.[38] Five Element Progenitor entered Uncrossable Expanse.[6]
none Immortal Fire Ancestor A disciple of Emperor Sui[3], who entered the Uncrossable Expanse together with four other progenitors.
White Cloud Progenitor Only progenitor in history killed by an emperor. Killed by Xuan Xiao.[39]
Border of God Immortal Far-Dao The only System established by a True God.[40]
none Zither Empress She entered Uncrossable Expanse.[6]
Skyhigh Immortal Its progenitor entered Uncrossable Expanse together with three True Emperors, six Everlastings, and more than one thousand True Gods.[6]
Immortal Divine Moon Progenitor The progenitor entered Uncrossable Expanse but died indignantly.[41]
Immortal Bronze Mountain Immortal [42]
Phenom Progenitor Phenom Progenitor was an incredible being, capable of entering dangerous grounds and coming out unscathed. He’s not a member of the Decemvirate but is still among the top [43]


  • 13 Dao Lineages


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