Dao Huai (刀怀: Saberheart) was born embracing a divine saber so her parents gave her this name.[1]

She trained with the blade at one year old, had some accomplishments at eight and was referred to as the Saber God when she was ten.[1]

She began to test her dao at fifteen and fully earned her title of Saber God at thirty.[1]

Immortal Emperor

Dao Huai was more than three hundred years old when she became one of the very few female Immortal Emperors. Dao Huai herself, however, never cared about it and believed that her proudest achievement was becoming the Saber God, as it was her lifelong pursuit. Immortal Emperor was only something she obtained after entering the dao with her saber.[1]

Unfortunately, future generations remebered her only as the second Immortal Emperor of the Thousand Emperors Gate, and not because of her Saber Dao.[1]


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