Dao Celestial is the second highest Cultivation Level in the Tenth World. In order to reach this realm a cultivator should have 50,000,000 units of chaos energy.[1]


From the perpective of top cultivators the Dao Celestial realm could be divided in:[1]

  • Half-step Dao Celestials: Cultivators with 50,000,000 to 99,999,999 units of chaos energy. They are not considered real Dao Celestials.
  • Top Dao Celestials: Cultivators with 100,000,000 to 299,999,999 units of chaos energy. They are considered real Dao Celestials
  • "Emperor or God Candidates": Cultivators with more than 300,000,000 units of chaos energy. They have the chance to become a Grand Emperor or a High God.
  • "Aberrations": Cultivators with more than 600,000,000 units of chaos energy but they are not able to reach the next level.


Once Dao Celestials reach 300,000,000 units of chaos energy they have the chance to move to the next level. As in the Nine Worlds, the cultivator has two possible roads:[1]

Path of EmperorsEdit

The path created by Purewood Divine Emperor. It consists into obtaining Heaven's Wills, fusing them into their Fate Palaces and become a Grand Emperor.[2]

Path of GodsEdit

The path created by Inconcealable Ancient God. It consists in fusing the Grand Dao into their Fate Palaces to create a Totem and become a High God.[3]


  • 2 Character(s) at the Dao Celestial level
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