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Da Dan was born at the end of the Difficult Dao Era and at some point became a disciple of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect.[1]

Ghost Pavilion

In the Current Era, Da Dan became renowned as the most courageous person in the Sect. He didn't believe in the Ghost Pavilion's ghost, so he made a bet with other disciples to go into the Ghost Pavilion, but next day, before the sun even raised, he escaped from the Ghost Pavilion in terror and even pissed his pants.[1]

5 years later, when Li Qiye was punished to stay in the Ghost Pavilion for half a year, the disciples asked Da Dan about that happened to him there. Da Dan, still clearly embarrassed by his experience back then, told them that where was indeed a frightening ghost in the Pavilion, and maybe not just one, but refused to say anything else.[1]


Da Dan is a middle-aged with incomparably rough and uncouth looking.[1]


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