Current Era started around 8 years before the beginning of story, with return of the Heaven's Will.[1][note 1]

2 YearEdit

5 YearEdit

8 Year (Start on the Novel)Edit

Estimated Time Frame Events
Li Qiye regained his original body.[5]
At least several months later.[note 2] Li Qiye visited the Heaven Suppression City to venerate dead Black Dragon King.[6]

9 YearEdit

Estimated Time Frame After Joining the Sect Events
At least several months later.[note 2] 0 days Li Qiye joined the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect as the Prime Disciple.[7]
2 days later[8] 2 days The Nine Saint Demon Gate sent a message to the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect asking to test Li Qiye abilities, in acordance with the Ancient Marriage Treaty.[8]
3 days later[9] 5 days Li Qiye, Nan Huairen and Protector Mo came to the Nine Saint Demon Gate and was welcomed by Sectional Leader Fu.[9]
Next day[10] 6 days Li Qiye killed Du Yuanguang.[11] His trials began and Li Qiye easily passed them, that shocked everyone.[12] Demon King Lun Ri then asked him to try to open the Saint Cavern.[13]
Next day[14] 7 days Li Qiye opened the Saint Cavern and took away Yin Yang Sea of Blood.[14]
3 days later[15] 10 days
Next day[20] 11 days
Next 3 days[22] 12-14 days
5 days later[23] 19 days Li Qiye opened his Fate Palace.[23]
10 days later[23] 29 days
3 months later[25] 4 months Li Qiye completed the second stage of the Palace Foundation level, the Second Awakening.[25]
Next day[26] 4 months
1 day
Li Qiye completed the third and last stage of the Palace Foundation level, the Third Bloodsurge, entering the Palace Expansion level.[26]
Next day[26] 4 months
2 days
Li Qiye started to cultivate the Hell Suppressing Deity Physique.[27]
1 month later[28] 5 months
2 days
Li Qiye reached the Physique Accumulation level.[28]
Next day[29] 5 months
3 days
Li Qiye met Tu Bu Yu for the first time.[29]
Next day[29] 5 months
4 days
The Nine Saint Demon Gate sent a message to Protector Mo, informing him that Li Shuangyan will come next day to the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect. Protector Mo and Nan Huairen told about it to Li Qiye.[29]
Next day[30] 5 months
5 days
Li Shuangyan came to the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect and became Li Qiye's sword-maid.[31]
7 days later[32] 5 months
12 days
Li Qiye was appointed as the new instructor at the Cleansing Jade Peak.[32]
Next day[33] 5 months
13 days
Li Qiye came to the Cleansing Jade Peak and beat up all 300 disciples for challenging his authority.[34]
Next three days[35] 5 months
16 days
3 days later[37] 5 months
19 days
  • Li Qiye once again started the beating, but this time he commented each of his strike and gave pointers to every disciple.[37]
  • Gu Tieshou gathered other Elders to discuss the King Physique Paste what they promised to Li Qiye. Eventually, he forced them to agree to Li Qiye's conditions.[38]
10 days later[39] 5 months
29 days
1 month later[41] 6 months
29 days
Li Qiye examined cultivation of Nan Huairen and Protector Mo and gave them pointers.[41]
Around 1 month later[41] 7 months
25 days
Li Qiye examined cultivation of Elder Sun and gave him pointers.[41][42]
1 month later[43] 8 months
25 days
Few days later[43] 9 months Protector Mo, under the order of his master Elder Sun, came to convince Li Qiye to become an alchemist, but Li Qiye declined again.[43]
3 months later[43] 12 months

10 YearEdit

Estimated Time Frame After Joining the Sect Events
Few days later[47] ~1 year
2 days
3 months later[50] 1 year
3 months
2 days
5 days later[56] 1 year
3 months
7 days
3 days later[58] 1 year
3 months
10 days
Next six months[61] 1 year
9 months
10 days
3 days later[62] 1 year
9 months
13 days
The Nine Saint Demon Gate's Grandpa Sheng refined King Physique Paste for Li Qiye. With it Li Qiye finished the Physique Accumulation level and entered the Provisional Palace level.[62][63][61]
Next day[61] 1 year
9 months
14 days
Li Qiye passed the Void Imperfection Physique Merit Law to Li Shuangyan after she swore to be loyal and follow him.[61][64][65]
1 month later[65] 1 year
10 months
14 days
1 day later[66] 1 year
10 months
15 days
  • Protector Mo came back after one day and they used the materials that he brought to smoke out an intruder who turned out to be Niu Fen. Niu Fen attacked Li Qiye, but was quickly defeated and forced to become his mount.[66][67]
  • Li Qiye buried himself under the Ancient Land in order to find someone.[68]
5 days later[68] 1 year
10 months
20 days
Next day[70] 1 year
10 months
21 days
Li Qiye revealed to elders that Su Yonghuang was Min Ren's descendant.[71]
Next day[72] 1 year
10 months
22 days
Li Qiye gathered a group of sect members and led them to the Evil Infested Ridge for training.[72]


  • 736 Appearance(s) of Current Era
  • 72 Item(s) used by Current Era
  • 43 Technique(s) used by Current Era
  • 2 Event(s) in which Current Era participated


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    1. It is said in Chapter #0082(WuxiaWorld) that the Difficult Dao Era ended ten years ago. But at the moment it was said, it was already 1 year 3 months 10 days after Li Qiye joined the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect.
    2. 2.0 2.1 In later chapters it was revealed, that the Heaven Suppression City is located in the Northern Grand Sea, while the Immortal Demon Grotto and the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect are in the Grand Middle Territory, and that traveling between territories take much time.
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