The Cultivator's Primary Principles is a ordinary manual with the most basic knowledge about cultivation. For millions of years, it was used for mortals who wanted to cultivate. Immortal Emperor Jiao Heng studied it at young age and obtained great enlightenment.[1]
It was studied by a lot of Immortal Emperor, Virtuous Paragon and even Dark Crow to edit a new book with their enlightenment.


The Cultivator's Primary Principles contains very basic and common breathing techniques, incantations and formulas that almost nobody in the Current Era uses it for cultivation. However, This basic knowledge is the most essential elements of all Merit Laws. If a person possess a profound understanding from the Cultivator's Primary Principles, then it is posible to create all of kind of Merit Laws including offensive and defensive techniques. This understanding is called one law to reach the myriad dao.[1]


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