In the Eight Desolates cultivators train their bodies to reach the dao. First they train their dao heart to build a foundation then cultivate merit laws to transform their bodies into a divine one.

Level Title
1 Mortal Fetal Flesh Body (凡胎肉身)
2 Iron Skin Hard Body (铁皮强体)
3 Copper Rib Rock Body (铜筋岩体)
4 Silver Armor (银甲战躯)
5 Purple Mad Body (紫候狂体)
6 King Dominating Body (王者霸体)
7 True Mortal Treasure Body (真人宝身)
8 Three Dark True Body (三昧真身)
9 Yin Yang Astral Body (阴阳星体)
10 Myriad Images Divine Body (万象神躯)
11 Grand Dao Saint Body (大道圣体)
12 Dao Monarch Golden Body (道君金身) Myriad Dao Celestial Body (万道天躯)

Each Realm has three levels: Small, Medium and Big.

  • In the Small level, the cultivator uses spiritual energy to temper their body and chaos energy to temper their True Fate.
  • In the Medium level, the cultivator uses the tempering of the body to increase their blood energy and the tempering of the True fate lead to its upgrade.
  • In the Big level, the cultivator uses this improvement to open a new Fate Palace.

With a new palace, the cultivator can breakthrough to the next realm, where they can store more chaos energy or blood energy.
When a cultivator reaches the Dao Monarch Golden Body realm, they are able to grow a Primordial Tree and Dao fruits.

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