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In the Nine Worlds, cultivators absorb worldly energy to control the grand dao.[1] To refine this energy, the cultivation method needs to rely on the interrelated work of one's Fate Palace, Life Wheel and Physique. All three should be interconnected and without any of them people would be unable to cultivate. There is a widespread saying amongst cultivators:

“ Physique grows one's Blood, the Blood feeds one's Life Wheel, the Life Wheel strengthens one's Fate Palace, the Fate Palace, in turn helps strengthens one's Life Wheel, the Life Wheel, then supplements one's Blood, the Blood augments one's Physique' and the Physique, then protects one's Fate Palace. „[2]

In other words, a strong Physique allows the Blood Energy to be strong. The strong Blood Energy prolongs one's lifespan, the longer the lifespan, the stronger the Fate Palace, and a formidable Fate Palace allows the Cultivator to obtain an even stronger Physique. The Fate Palace in turn lends its power to the Life Wheel. The Life Wheel creates the Longevity Blood, the Longevity Blood strengthens the Physique, and then the stronger Physique protects the Fate Palace.[2]

In the Nine Worlds, people clasifiy the Fate Palace, Life Wheel and Physique in different levels depending on how good they are for cultivation and the talent of a person is measured on those levels.

Cultivation Levels[]

The cultivation starts at the Palace Foundation level. For most cultivators the last level of the cultivation is the Virtuous Paragon level. Only one Virtuous Paragon in his/her generation can reach the last step: shoulder the Heaven's Will to become the Immortal Emperor, the pinnacle existence in the Nine Worlds.

Level Name Bestowed Title
1 Palace Foundation
2 Palace Expansion
3 Physique Accumulation
4 Provisional Palace
5 Inner Longevity
6 Heaven's Mandate
7 Warrior Canopy
8 Purified Rebirth
9 Heaven's Primal
10 Soul Creation Named Hero
11 Mysterious Fate Royal Noble
12 Star Plucking Enlightened Being
13 Ancient Saint
14 Heavenly Sovereign Mortal King/Demon King/Stone King/Ghost King*
15 Heavenly King
16 Virtuous Paragon
Path of Heavens Path of the Grand Era
17 Immortal Emperor Three Existences

*Only extraordinary Royal Lords were called Mortal Kings or Demon Kings. Demon King Lun Ri and Heavenly Jewel Mortal King were the most talented geniuses of the last generations in the Grand Middle Territory.[3]

Merit Laws[]

Main article: Merit Laws

Merit Laws are techniques, used by Cultivators.

Two Great Disasters[]

There are two great disasters that troubling all cultivators:

  • Fate Calamity, also known as a demon of the heart. To many geniuses, surpassing the Fate Calamity was not an issue, but it was an ambitious challenge to not leave behind any heart demons.[4]
  • Life Reduction, also known as the withering from the heavens, is even worse. Many prodigies were helpless in the face of their Life Reduction.[4]

Even those who cultivated Saint and Immortal Physiques couldn't avoid their Fate Calamity and Life Reduction.[4]

There is one more disaster that only affects cultivators of a Physique Merit Laws:

Halting Longevity[]

This is a method for powerful cultivators of powerful sects to halt their age by going into a dormant state or long sleep. This is achieved by using Blood Era Stones which suppresses a Cultivators Blood Energy. The longer you want to live the more Blood Stones you will require. Era Blood Stones are expensive. Only powerful Clans and Sects can afford them.


When one reaches the peak of Virtuous Paragon, they can either enter the Path of Heavens or the Path of the Grand Era.

Path of Heavens (天道)

Path of the Grand Era (大世道)

Dao Apprentice (道子)

Eternal Existence (不朽存在)

Virtuous Lord (贤主)

Dao Master (道师)

Virtuous King (贤皇)

Dao Sovereign (道尊)

Virtuous Saint (贤圣)

Celestial Mortal (天人)

Virtuous Forefather (先贤)

Celestial General ((天将)

Spirit Paragon (贤灵)

Celestial God (天神)

Dao Paragon (贤道)

Emperor Reserve (帝候)

God Monarch (神王)

Minor God Monarch (小神王)

Intermediate God Monarch (中神王)

Grand God Monarch (大神王)

True God Monarch (真神王)

Emperor Bestowed God Monarch (帝封神王)

Emperor Candidate (帝储)

Godking (神皇)

Grand Godking (大神皇)

Heavenly Godking (天神皇)

Supreme Godking (至尊神皇)

Apex Godking (极道神皇)

World Dominating Godking (横世神皇)

Nine Worlds Godking (九界神皇)

Legendary Godking (传奇神皇)

Immortal Emperor (仙帝)

Three Existences (巅峰三境)

Emperor Assailant (横击)

Emperor Contendor (抗衡)

Emperor Rival (齐驱)