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All cultivation methods are designed to refine Spirit Energy and strengthens one's Fate Palace, Life Wheel and Physique. Spirit Energy has differences depending on the World and Epoch, so the cultivation method changes to fit it.[1] However, all cultivation systems have the same aim, mastering the Anima and becoming a True Immortal.

According to Li Qiye, the most important aspect in cultivation is to have an unshakable willpower (Dao Heart); a willpower that thirsts for knowledge, diligent and assiduous. For insufficient talents, hard work would suffice as long as the mind is willing. For insufficient Merit Law, as long as one is tirelessly diligent, one could take this common Merit Law to the apex of its cultivation.[2]

The example of this is Magu, who was once an unintelligent person, unable to remember even the simplest Merit Law, but she yearned for learning and her strong willpower helped her to become the first and only person through history who cultivated the Eternal Physique to Grand Completion. Another example is Jiao Heng, who used the most common Merit Law to become the most powerful Immortal Emperor.

Cultivation Systems[]

Final Realms[]

Nine Worlds Tenth World Three Immortals World Eight Desolates
Virtuous Paragon

(the cultivator has two possible roads[3]

Dao Celestial

(the cultivator has two possible roads)

True God Grand Dao Sacred Physique
Emperor Candidate Emperor Assailant Emperor Candidate God Candidate Quasi Emperor Ascender Heir Myriad Dao Celestial Body (1 - 10 Daos Heavenly Sovereign)
Emperor Contender Golden Sovereign, Myriad Sovereign and Supreme Sovereign
Immortal Emperor Emperor Rival Grand Emperor High God True Emperor Eternal Dao Monarch Golden Body (Dao Lord) Immortal Sovereign
Immortal Emperor

(Can begin understanding Anima)

Emperor Rival

(their refinement into primordial energy and Finaly Can begin understanding Anima)

12 Heaven's Wills Grand Emperor

(Can begin understanding Anima)

12 Totems Ancient God

(Can begin understanding Anima)

Progenitor Fardao 12 Dao Fruits Dao Lord Immortal Sovereign
True Immortal


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