The Crystalfowl Immortal Mine is one of the 6 Ancestral Earths.[1] It can produce a special type of crystals that even Dark Crow considers to be the best and extremely valuable. The Mine can produce around 10 to 20 crystals in one generation.[2]

Some people are living inside the mine and Crystalfowl is guarding the entrance to prevent them from leaving. However, some of them still escaped to the outside world.[2][3]

Only Immortal Emperors are allowed here, no one else.[1] Immortal Emperors are allowed to borrow the Mine's special crystals, but no more than five each.[2]

Ancient Ming Era

Dark Crow visited the Crystalfowl Immortal Mine to "borrow" its special crystals and other resources. While Crystalfowl considered it his debt, Dark Crow believed that he did not own anything as he used the crystals to end the Ancient Ming Era and thus saved the Mine from being conquered by Ancient Ming.[2]

Emperors Era

During Immortal Emperor Yin Tian's generation Dark Crow visited the Crystalfowl Immortal Mine to once again "borrow" its special crystals. Crystalfowl was unhappy to gave him crystals again, but Dark Crow promised him to bring the people who escaped from the Mine back.[2]

Dark Crow used the crystals to create the Eighteen Crystal Cannons.[4][2]

Current Era

Li Qiye brought Peacock Bright Monarch to the Crystalfowl Immortal Mine. He met with Crystalfowl and demanded 100 crystals.[1][2]


The Crystalfowl Immortal Mine is situated somewhere in the Mortal Emperor World. It is hidden in a realm and protected so well that even Li Qiye with Space Scripture could not directly reach it.[1]


The Crystalfowl Immortal Mine is a boundless land with endless forests and towering hills. An ancient aura assaulted the newcomers right away as if no one has ever inhabited this place. The lack of people was made up with howls from apes and vines reaching for the sky. This land was full of life. The spirit energy was so thick here that it became visible. It showed that no cultivators have tried to train here.[1]


  • special type of crystal[4]


  • The Pearl Tower was possibly also created from the Mine's special crystals.[1]


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