One of the Dao Lineages that invaded Insane Court, with Myriad-armed Monarch as one of the leaders of the alliance.

Coiling Dragon was created by the progenitor with the same title and under the rule of his lineage.

Later on, this branch weakened and gradually lost control over the system. Then came a sect named Praymoon, who were nomadic travelers with unknown background. They decided to abandon their own merit laws to become real disciples of Coiling Dragon. With the decline of the orthodox branch, Praymoon defeated the direct descendants of the progenitor and took over, calling themselves the Eight-armed Dynasty and using this bloodline to connect them with the progenitor.

The main branch disappeared in this land until rumors began that Conqueror City was the birthplace of the progenitor and Conqueror Young Noble his direct descendant.[1]



  • Conquerer City
  • Eight-armed Dynasty (Praymoon Sect)
  • Five Saints Kingdom


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