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The Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect is an Imperial Lineage created by Immortal Emperor Min Ren at the start of the Emperors Era.[1]

It was Dark Crow, Immortal Emperor Min Ren's teacher, who chose the location for the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect. He led Min Ren to the ruins of the Tyrant's Empire and Mortal Emperor's Kingdom.[2] He chose this place because he wanted to obtain the mysterious secret, burried deep undeground, but eventually gave up because of its evil nature.[3] Dark Crow and Min Ren then sealed the Secret and placed the Emperor Foundation above it.[4] They also discovered Mortal Emperor's sentiment. Our of respect for Mortal Emperor's protection of the Human Race during his life, Dark Crow decided to not annihilate his sentiment and instead sealed him together with the Secret.[5][3]

Marriage Pact

The Nine Saint Demon Gate was a tributary to the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, because it was established by Immortal Emperor Min Ren's number one general - Nine Saint Virtuous Paragon. To strengthen the relationships between the Sect and the Gate, Nine Saint Virtuous Paragon proposed a Marriage Pact and married his female disciple to the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect's first Prime Disciple.[6][7]


The Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect was prosperous for millions of years. At its peak it encompassed the whole Grand Middle Territory and commanded the entire Mortal Emperor World. Even Charming Spirits, Heavenly Devils, and Stone Golems from the other worlds joined the Sect.[8] Many powerful cultivators originated from it.[1] The Sect produced a great number of Virtuous Paragons and Heavenly Kings.[9]

Mu Shaodi and Great Calamity

50,000 years ago the Sect almost had its second Immortal Emperor - Mu Shaodi. In his generation the Sect was at its strongest after Min Ren's time; the Sect was able to dominate entire Mortal Emperor World.[10]

Mu Shaodi was Ta Kong's strongest rival for the Heaven's Will. Suffering three defeats in a row from Ta Kong, Mu Shaodi decided to unseal what he believed was a great power Min Ren had left behind under the Sect's Emperor Foundation.[11]

Unfortunately, the power was not what he was led to believe and the trapped Mortal Emperor almost broke out of the Emperor Foundation he was sealed in and nearly destroyed the Sect in the process. It was only the timely intervention of Black Dragon King that helped the Sect to survive. However, Mu Shaodi and Sect's Elders were barely able to force Mortal Emperor back. Alas, they couldn't recreate Min Ren's seal, so they used two of Min Ren's Immortal Emperor Life Treasures and the Benevolent Saber to suppress Mortal Emperor. Even so, the Elders had to stand guard there and use their power to constantly support the suppressing formation ever since.[4]

Mu Shaodi's crime wasn't recorded in the history of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, so future generations never learned about it. All they knew is that around 50,000 to 30,000 years ago a strange calamity happened in the Sect and because of it the Sect rapidly declined in the next thousands of years.[8] They were also left in the dark about the fate of Min Ren's two Immortal Emperor Life Treasures and believed that they were lost during the Destruction of Cleansing Incense Ancient Kingdom, while the Benevolent Saber was believed to be lost by Mu Shaodi in his last battle against Ta Kong.[12]

As for Mu Shaodi, future generations believed that he died long ago. Some people also believed, that he sealed some of the Sect's Immortal Emperor Merit Laws in the last three levels of the Scripture Library.[10]


Main article: Destruction of Cleansing Incense Ancient Kingdom

30,000 years ago, at the start of the Difficult Dao Era, with all the Old Ancestors having to use their power to seal the Mortal Emperor, the Sect was seriously weakened.[4] Around the same time Calamity God - the Sect's Heavenly Guardian - suddenly disappeared, leaving the Sect even more vulnerable.[13]

The Heavenly God Sect decided to take advantage of this opportunity. With a behind-the-scenes assistance of the Space Trample Mountain and the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom, the Heavenly God Sect attacked the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect. They wanted to obtain their Immortal Emperor Merit Laws, Immortal Emperor Life Treasures and Immortal Emperor True Treasures.[14]

Liu San Jian commanded the Sect's troops and personally fought against Heavenly God Ancestor.[15]

Even so, the Sect lost disastrously. The Cleansing Incense Ancient Kingdom was destroyed, and the Sect lost control over much of their land, including the Evil Infested Ridge.[16] However, the Heavenly God Sect didn't dared to push to far and try to fully destroy the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, because they feared their Old Ancestors that had not appeared before.

The Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect lost most of their powerful techniques, including almost all Immortal Emperor Merit Laws,[10] and their last Immortal Emperor Life Treasure.[17]

Around 80-90% members of the Sect died in the battle including most of their talented disciples.[18] A few powerful experts survived the war, but they were gravely wounded. After they came back to the Sect, they immediately went into isolated cultivation.[19][18]

Even though, the Sect still had many Virtuous Paragon Merit Laws and Heavenly King Merit Laws, without capable experts to teach new generations, the disciples could rely only on themselves to learn them. Many went on the wrong Dao path, or a long winded path, and, without the support of Life Treasures, Physique Pastes, Fate Pills and Longevity Medicines that were spent or stolen during the war, the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect became worse and worse as the days passed.[18] There hasn't been a single disciple who was capable of reaching at least the Enlightened Being level ever since.[20]

Eventually, the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect was reduced to a third-rate Sect and became even weaker than their former subordinate sect, the Nine Saint Demon Gate.[14]

Sect Master's Position

Around a 1,000 years ago, on his death bed, Liu San Jian ordered his disciple Tu Bu Yu to go and try to find the descendants of Min Ren. Tu Bu Yu then spent hundreds of years searching for them. Eventually, he found the Heaven's Edge's Su Clan and took Su Yonghuang back to the Sect.[14]

At that time only two people competed for the position of the next Sect Master: Gu Tieshou and Cao Xiong.[21] Gu Tieshou, being the eldest disciple of the Previous Sect Master and Sect's First Elder, had the biggest opportunity to become the next Sect Master. He was supported by majority of other Elders and disciples.[19] Cao Xiong was also supported by some Sectional Leaders.[21]

However, neither of them was appointed to this position. Instead, it was taken by Su Yonghuang, a thirteen years old girl who appeared out of nowhere and was suddenly appointed as the new Sect Master by Previous Sect Master and Supreme Elders.[22][23] Because situation in the Sect wasn't stable, her lineage of being Min Ren's direct descendant was kept secret from everyone, including the Elders.[24]

Although some Protectors and Sectional Leaders supported her, the majority strongly opposed her, since Su Yonghuang was an outsider and moreover too young. Gu Tieshou, under the order of his master, supressed all opposition. Even so, to avoid conflicts with the Elders, Su Yonghuang gathered a small group of Protectors, Sectional Leaders, and disciples and brought them away from the Sect.[22][23]

For more than ten years after, Su Yonghuang almost never returned to the Sect and didn't interfere with the Sect's internal affairs; the six elders became the main deciders of any big decisions of the Sect.[22]

Appointing the Prime Disciple

Cao Xiong repeatedly proposed to appoint Leng Shizhi, his own disciple, who was considered to be the most talented disciple in the Sect's current generation, as the new Prime Disciple. His propositions were constantly rejected by Su Yonghuang for unknown reason.[21]

Li Qiye used the Third Ancient Order to become the Prime Disciple despite the objections of the Elders, especially First Elder. For unknown reason Su Yonghuang easily agreed to it, even though Li Qiye was a mere mortal without any talent.[25]

Nine Saint Demon Gate

In accordance with the Marriage Pact, as soon as Li Qiye was declared a Prime Disciple, the Nine Saint Demon Gate sent a message to the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect asking to test his abilities. This was seen by the elders as an attempt to break the Treaty, because they did not believe that a mortal like Li Qiye have a chance to pass the test.[6]

The Elders notified Li Qiye and he was willing to go, but put forward three conditions, first - a Physique Paste of the King grade once he reached the Physique Accumulation level. He also requested to learn some techniques, and one or two defensive weapons. The Elders offered him techniques and weapons from the Inner Court, but contrary to their expectations Li Qiye wanted a technique named Invisible Dual Blades as well as a pair of blades to accompany it. Since it was only a Martial Art the Elders willingly agreed, while their impression about his intelligence worsened even further. What they didn't know, that this technique was once used and refined by Immortal Emperor Min Ren.[26]

Li Qiye's Return

After Li Qiye returned to the Sect from the Nine Saint Demon Gate, the Elders was shocked to hear what he has successfully passed all trials. They tried to interrogate him, but eventually had no choice but to give up. In accordance with their prior agreement, First Elder confirmed that once Li Qiye reaches the Physique Accumulation level he will get King grade's Physique Paste. Elders also allowed him to pick one Merit Law for Physique, Life Wheel, and Fate Palace, and, upon Li Qiye's request, allowed him choose any Life Treasure, True Treasure or Longevity Treasure below the third floor of the Ancient Triangular School.[21]

Li Qiye and Nan Huairen left for the Heavenly Crow Peak, while Second Elder tried to convince other elders, that Li Qiye was Nine Saint Demon Gate's spy. Unfortunately he failed, since the Gate was currently many times stronger than the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect and basically didn't have any need to send spies as they can easily destroy the Sect if they wanted.[21]

Since the Elders didn't knew Nine Saint Demon Gate's intentions about the marriage between Li Qiye and Li Shuangyan, they didn't announced Li Qiye's success in the trials and he was still despised by everyone in the Sect.[10]

For the next four months after his return, Li Qiye cultivated at the Lonely Peak and only Nan Huairen and Protector Mo visited him from time to time, while the Elders completely ignored his existence, never asking about his success in cultivation.[27]

Li Shuangyan's visit

Four months later, the Nine Saint Demon Gate sent a message to Protector Mo, informing him that Li Shuangyan will come next day to the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect.[28] The First Elder took it as a sign of the Gate's willingness to marry Li Shuangyan to Li Qiye, so he ordered Li Qiye to take good care of Li Shuangyan and to try to win her favor. He also ordered everyone from elders to disciples to prepare for the most solemn ceremony to greet the arrival of Li Shuangyan.[29]

Next day all the elders, protectors, sectional leaders and many disciples gathered in the Grand Temple to meet Li Shuangyan.[29]

To their surprise, it wasn't only Li Shuangyan who came; she was accompanied by Grand Protector Yu He. They were even more surprised by Yu He's extremerly polite attitude towards Li Qiye. On behalf of the Demon King, Yu He invited Li Qiye to visit the Nine Saint Demon Gate in his spare time and assured him that the Demon King will personally meet him. Li Qiye thanked Yu He, and told him to feel at home in the Sect, and if there are any inconveniences, to just let Protector Mo or Nan Huairen know. After that Li Qiye went away with Li Shuangyan under the gazes of the shocked crowd.[30]

Cleansing Jade Peak

Li Qiye was appointed as the new instructor at the Cleansing Jade Peak, one of the many peaks in the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect at which the new disciples study the Merit Laws under instructions of the Sect's higher-ups.[31]

Several days later Gu Tieshou had gathered the other Elders to discuss the King Physique Paste what they promised to Li Qiye. He also notified them that Li Qiye requires the Hell Iron Bull's marrow as the leading component of the Paste and how much is a cost for it. Elder Sun agreed that they must fulfill their part of the deal no matter the cost. Elder Qian, Elder Zhou and Elder Wu, on the other hand, weren't happy to pay so much. Cao Xiong tried to play on their displeasure and convince them to cancel the deal altogether. Eventually, Gu Tieshou used his aura to supress them all and forced them to agree.[32]

Half a year later Li Qiye reached the peak of the Physique Accumulation's second stage. He required the Physique Paste to enter the Physique Accumulation's third stage, so he went to First Elder for the Physique Paste that Six Elders promised to him.[33]

First Elder already gathered all materials needed and was only unsure on how to refine the Paste. The Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect had two Alchemists who were capable to create a King Physique Paste: Cao Xiong and Elder Sun. Elder Sun was ready to help, but wasn't too sure in the result. Cao Xiong, on the other hand, was sure in result, but wasn't willing to help. Li Qiye thus decided that he would take care about Paste's creation himself.[34]


Massacre at the Cleansing Jade Peak

Meanwhile, Cao Xiong's disciple, Leng Shizhi was badly beaten by Li Shuangyan. Unable to do anything to Li Shuangyan, and, seeing how close she became with Li Qiye, Cao Xiong was greatly alarmed. He always wanted to become a Sect Master, or at least to push Leng Shizhi into this position, but Li Qiye's potential marriage with Li Shuangyan ruined all of his plans and dreams. Cao Xiong went to a meeting with Dong Shenglong, who promised to him the Heavenly Jewel Kingdom's support. Together they planned to frame Li Qiye in some major crime and then use the Sect rules to demote or maybe even kill him. Without Li Qiye, they then would push Leng Shizhi into position of the Prime Disciple, and then Sect Master.[35]

Few days later Cao Xiong sent Sectional Leader Zhou to cause trouble at the Cleansing Jade Peak to provoke Li Qiye. Li Qiye defeated Sectional Leader Zhou, but Zhou summoned a law enforcement team that "coincidentally" patrolled nearby. This law enforcement team was formed from the Cao Xiong's supporters and was led by his disciples, Protector Hu and Leng Shizhi. They immediately framed Li Qiye in many crimes and used it as an excuse to attack him. Li Qiye, however, easily killed them all.[36][37][38]

Soon after, Cao Xiong, Dong Shenglong, Gu Tieshou and other Elders received the news and rushed to the Cleansing Jade Peak. Cao Xiong and Dong Shenglong blamed Li Qiye in betraying the Sect and killing his fellow disciples and the law enforcement team, but Li Qiye easily reversed the situation and forced Dong Shenglong to retreat.[39][40]

Abandoned by Dong Shenglong, Cao Xiong still tried to incriminate Li Qiye. His follower Sectional Leader Zhou accused Li Qiye in teaching wrong merit laws to the Cleansing Jade Peak's disciples and undermining their cultivation. Gu Tieshou then asked several disciples about Li Qiye's teachings. He and other Elders were shocked by Li Qiye's knowledge and insights, and reprimanded Sectional Leader Zhou for his wrong judgement.[40][41]

New Hope for the Sect

Cao Xiong then used his last ace and accused Li Qiye in stealing the manual for Kun Peng's Six Variants. As the Sect's last complete Immortal Emperor Merit Law, the Kun Peng's Six Variants was heavily guarded, and even Elders could not easily get access to it. Li Qiye, however, told them that after learning the Kun Peng's Six Minor Forms he saw an "old grandpa" in his dream and learned the Kun Peng's Six Variants from him.[41][42]

While not fully believing him, the Elders decided to give it a try and allowed Li Qiye to study another Minor Emperor Merit Law in the hope that "old grandpa" will taught him its superior form. They chose the Violet Cloud Merit Law, because Elder Wu heavily researched it and the Violet Yang Ten Suns Merit Law so they would be able to understand whether Li Qiye's version is genuine or not. Three months later Li Qiye successfully brought the complete manual for the Violet Yang Ten Suns Merit Law, and Elder Wu confirmed that it was genuine.[42][43]

As a reward for his great merits, Li Qiye asked the Elders to allow Protector Mo and Nan Huairen to learn the Violet Yang Ten Suns Merit Law and the Elders agreed.[43][44]

Because of Li Qiye's achievements and potential, five Elders decided to wave off his crimes. Cao Xiong, however, insisted that they need to punish him at least a little to appease other disciples. The Elders then decided to send Li Qiye to the Ghost Pavilion for half a year with Protector Mo as overseer.[44][45]

As a punishment for Sectional Leader Zhou's wrong judgement that caused the deaths of Protector Hu's group, he was demoted from his position of Sectional Leader and became an ordinary disciple.[45]

After the official meeting, the Elders, with the exception of Cao Xiong, gathered again to discuss their future plans. Elder Sun and Elder Qian suggested that they should let Li Qiye practice the Daylight Sky Merit Law to re-obtain Min Ren's Heaven's Will Secret Law. Gu Tieshou, however, persuaded them to not be too impatient and to let Li Qiye stabilize his cultivation first, before he studied more Merit Laws.[45]

Heavenly Jewel Kingdom's attack

At the same time Dong Shenglong promised to Cao Xiong that as long as he deliver Min Ren's Heaven's Will Secret Law to the Heavenly Jewel Kingdom, they would help him to become the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect's next Sect Master and wouldn't bother the Sect anymore. Cao Xiong agreed,[45] so the Heavenly Jewel Kingdom sent War Noble Lie with an army to attack the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect.[46]

When War Noble Lie arrived, he quickly defeated and seemingly injured Cao Xiong. In truth, however, their battle was just for show so that Cao Xiong had an excuse to return to the Sect and get Min Ren's Heaven's Will Secret Law, while everyone's attention was directed at invasion.[47]

War Noble Lie then fought for five days against Gu Tieshou, but neither side could win. On the fifth day Cao Xiong came to the Zither Pavilion with a copy of Daylight Sky Merit Law's manual. He urged Li Qiye to study it in the hope that he could obtain Min Ren's Heaven's Will Secret Law, ostensibly to help Gu Tieshou in his battle. Li Qiye, however, easily deduced his real intentions and refused to cooperate. Soon, other elders and Dong Shenglong also came to the Zither Pavilion. Li Qiye activated the Zither Pavilion and with its power he massacred the Heavenly Jewel Kingdom's army, killed Cao Xiong and crippled Dong Shenglong and War Noble Lie.[47][48][49]

Dong Shenglong and War Noble Lie were imprisoned and Li Qiye declared that three days later the Sect would publicly behead them. While some Elders and Protectors were wary of such bold actions, fearing a retaliation from the Heavenly Jewel Kingdom, Gu Tieshou fully supported Li Qiye. In fact, both of them hoped that the Heavenly Jewel Kingdom would send its strongest army for retaliation, because it would give the Sect an opportunity to kill them all with the Zither Pavilion's power and greatly damage the Heavenly Jewel Kingdom's overall strength.[49]


The Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect sent the news of the public execution of Dong Shenglong and War Noble Lie to all Heavenly Jewel Kingdom's sects and invited them to attend the execution. However, other sects were too afraid to offend the Heavenly Jewel Kingdom and no one dared to attend the execution.[12]

In the next three days everyone in the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, from disciples to elders, were nervous about the incoming execution of Dong Shenglong and War Noble Lie.[12]

No sect dared to personally attend the execution, but they still observed if from afar. They were surprised to see an unknown youngster like Li Qiye to sit together with the Sect's elders as equal. They were even more surprised to see Li Shuangyan as it was a clear sign that the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect allied itself with the Nine Saint Demon Gate.[50]

The moment Gu Tieshou ordered to execute Dong Shenglong and War Noble Lie he was stopped by Violet Mountain Noble - another general of the Heavenly Jewel Kingdom. Violet Mountain Noble ordered the Elders to immediately release the prisoners, and follow him to the capital to confess in their crimes and accept the punishment. Li Qiye intervened and told him to scram, otherwise he would be killed as well. Violet Mountain Noble was enraged and attacked Li Qiye, but was blocked by Li Shuangyan and Gu Tieshou.[50]

Violet Mountain Noble was unwilling to fight against Gu Tieshou and Li Shuangyan, so he took out his ace - the Heavenly Jewel Mortal King's Amnesty Decree that suppressed everyone except Li Qiye.[50]

However, even under suppression, Gu Tieshou still ordered to execute Dong Shenglong and War Noble Lie. Seeing Gu Tieshou's strong resolve, Violet Mountain Noble made a concession: as long as the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect spare Dong Shenglong and War Noble Lie lives, the Heavenly Jewel Kingdom will give them a quota to enter the Evil Infested Ridge.[51]

Gu Tieshou was tempted, but Li Qiye intervened again. He played on the Ancient Zither to activate the Zither Pavilion and with its power he destroyed the Amnesty Decree. The will of Heavenly Jewel Mortal King inside of Decree was provoked and immediately attacked Li Qiye. Even Gu Tieshou and Li Shuangyan were powerless against Heavenly Jewel Mortal King's will. Li Qiye activated the Nine Saint Demon Gate's Heavenly Guardians; one of them reached out with a hand and easily destroyed Heavenly Jewel Mortal King's will.[51]

Everyone were shocked, while Li Qiye calmly ordered to execute Dong Shenglong and War Noble Lie.[51]

Revitalizing the Sect

Soon after the execution, Nine Saint Demon Gate's Demon King Lun Ri decided to support Li Qiye, so he personally lead a delegation to the Heavenly Jewel Kingdom. Lun Ri and Heavenly Jewel Mortal King talked behind the closed doors and in the end Heavenly Jewel Kingdom announced that conflict between War Noble Lie, Dong Shenglong and the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect was a personal matter, unrelated to the Heavenly Jewel Kingdom's relationships with the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect.[18]

Everyone in the Sect were jubilant as it allowed them to see a hope for the Sect's revival. Li Qiye, however, reminded them that they don't need to be too excited, because the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect is still very weak.[51]

In the next several days Li Qiye personally examined every member of the Sect from disciples to elders. He chose the most suitable Merit Laws for every individual and explained in details how to cultivate them in the most efficient way. Li Qiye's instructions enlightened everyone and entire Sect began to ardently cultivate.[18]

Li Qiye chose the most talented Sect members and divided them into four groups. The first one consisted of second generation disciples, Sectional Leaders and Protectors with Protector Mo as its leader. The talented disciples from the third generation were placed into the second group and Li Qiye chose Qu Daoli to lead it. The third group were the Cleansing Jade Peak's disciples with Xu Pei as their leader. After being personally trained by Li Qiye for a long time they became the Sect's future pillar. The last group consisted of the outer court members that hadn't yet became official disciples; they were a reserve force meant to be trained.[18]

Li Qiye also regained Immortal Emperor Min Ren's Heaven's Will Secret Law - Daylight Sky Immortal Secret, and another Immortal Emperor Merit Law - Nine Cauldrons Longevity Law. However, they become the top secret of the Sect. Besides Li Qiye, only the five elders knew about them.[52]

Visit to Ancient Land

A month later Li Qiye went to the Sect's Ancient Land. He intended to begin rebuilding the Sect by fixing the Ancient Land, but discovered that the seal that he and Min Ren placed on this land was partially broken with only Emperor's Foundation still intact. Nan Huairen and Protector Mo told him that 50,000 to 30,000 years ago a Great Calamity struck and almost destroyed the Sect and it was the reason why the Sect rapidly declined and was when attacked by the Heavenly God Sect.[8]

Realizing that happened, Li Qiye was forced to postpone the fixing of the Ancient Land, as he was currently not powerful enough to deal with the Great Calamity's aftermath.[53]

Li Qiye was not the only one who visited the Ancient Land. Niu Fen came here in the hope to find some inheritance left by the Sect's former Heavenly Guardian - Calamity God. They were from the same race and Calamity God was the only one who unlocked all Eighteen Solutions that restricted their race.[13]

Li Qiye discovered Niu Fen and forced him to become a mount, in exchange for Eighteen Solutions.[13]

Sect Master's Return

While Li Qiye was in the Ancient Land, Sect Master Su Yonghuang had suddenly returned after years of self-exile. She wanted to bring some talented disciples with her to the Evil Infested Ridge for training, but Gu Tieshou and other Elders opposed her decision.[22]

Their debate was interrupted by Li Qiye, who, after short observation, deduced Su Yonghuang's origin and understood why she was chosen to become Sect Master. He then asked the Elders to let them speak alone at the Lonely Peak.[22]

They returned to the Lonely Peak and Li Qiye immediately revealed Su Yonghuang's identity of being a direct descendant of Immortal Emperor Min Ren. Su Yonghuang was shocked, because no one except for Tu Bu Yu knew about her origin.[54]

Seeing his deep knowledge and abilities, as well as the fact that "Min Ren was teaching him in his dreams" Su Yonghuang wanted to leave the position of the Sect Master to Li Qiye. However, he refused, because as the descendant of Immortal Emperor Min Ren it is her responsibility to revive and support Min Ren's lineage.[55][56]

Next day Li Qiye gathered the elders, Su Yonghuang and Tu Bu Yu in the Grand Chamber.[14]

Tu Bu Yu told the elders that he was in fact a disciple of Liu San Jian, who sent him to search for Immortal Emperor Min Ren's descendants. Li Qiye then revealed to elders that Su Yonghuang was a direct descendant of Immortal Emperor Min Ren. He also used this opportunity to give Su Ru a proper title of Imperial Queen - official wife of Immortal Emperor Min Ren. Even though it was already too late for Su Ru, at the very least, it allowed her descendant Su Yonghuang to accept her ancestry.[14]

To prove that Su Yonghuang is the descendant of Immortal Emperor Min Ren, Li Qiye asked the elders to bring Min Ren's self-portrait. The elders compared the painting with Su Yonghuang, and discovered that they indeed had many similarities. Su Yonghuang then spilled a drop of blood on the portrait. The blood summoned Immortal Emperor Min Ren's spirit from the painting and it looked at Su Yonghuang, confirming her status.[14][24]

Moreover, Immortal Emperor Min Ren's spirit also looked at Li Qiye. Emperor naturally recognized his teacher, but to elders it seemed as a confirmation of that Li Qiye was seeing Min Ren in his dreams as he claimed.[24]

Li Qiye then declared that he would led a group of disciples to the Evil Infested Ridge for training. The Elders were apprehensive that other sects and nations would not allow them to enter the Evil Infested Ridge, but Li Qiye insisted. Gu Tieshou then decided to go with them and bring Min Ren's self-portrait for protection.[24]

Su Yonghuang wanted to go as well or at least sent disciples she personally trained with resources of the Su Clan, but Li Qiye refused. They were already well-trained, so it was better for them to stay in the Sect.[24]

Evil Infested Ridge

Next day Li Qiye lead Gu Tieshou, Tu Bu Yu, Protector Mo, Nan Huairen, Qu Daoli and the Cleansing Jade Peak's disciples to the Evil Infested Ridge for training.[16]

When the group came to the Evil Infested Ridge's entrance, the members of Heavenly Jewel Kingdom, Heavenly God Sect and Southern Heavenly Kingdom all tried to stop them one after another. Eventually, Li Qiye became annoyed with constant interference from various powers and ordered Gu Tieshou to use Min Ren's portrait to deal with all enemies once and for all. The stalemate was broken by a sudden opening of the Evil Infested Ridge ahead of time and Li Qiye decided that it was more important to enter the Ridge than to deal with enemies.[57]

After entering the Ridge Li Qiye led the group to the Cassia Lotus Tree and left them under Tree's protection to hunt down Heavenly Beasts and Longevity Spirits and gather precious materials.[58]

The disciples collected a large amount of resources during this period. They also conducted several large-scale hunting sessions. During one of them they chased a Longevity Spirit over the boundary of Cassia Lotus Tree's protection and three disciples were killed. Luckily, Xu Pei reacted quickly and lured Spirit away so that the others disciple could be saved.[59]

Some time later Li Qiye returned with large amount of resources he gathered. He gave them all to Gu Tieshou to serve as rewards for Sect's disciples. He personally gave the most precious thing — 1000000 years old Longevity Spirit's life ring — to Xu Pei as a reward for saving her fellow disciples. Li Qiye also rewarded Nan Huairen, for being his first follower in the Current Era.[59]

. . .

Chen Baojiao also joins the Sect because of Li Qiye and after the Sect Master she is the most powerful Cultivator.[60][61][62]

. . .


The Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect was besieged by the Heavenly God Sect, Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom and the Space Trample Mountain. They wanted to fully destroy the Sect and kill Li Qiye. However, Li Qiye single handedly massacred entire invading army. After that he sent Li Shuangyan, Chen Baojiao and Bai Jianzhen to destroy the Heavenly God Sect, Mu Shaodi, Mu Shaohuang and Arcane Guru to destroy the Space Trample Mountain, and Bu Lianxiang to destroy the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom. All three lineages were slaughtered, with the Heavenly God Sect and their Heavenly Jewel Kingdom fully destroyed. Thanks to that, the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect was able to regain its lost territory overnight, and restor its Ancient Kingdom.[63][64]

New Prime Disciple

Before leaving for the Heaven Spirit World, Li Qiye appointed Xu Pei as the new Prime Disciple and declared that one day she will be the future Sect Master after Su Yonghuang.[65]


The Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect was situated in the Heavenly Jewel Kingdom,[1] until its destruction.



All Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect's techniques are stored at the Scripture Library. As an Imperial Lineage, Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect had many powerful techniques in the past. Some were created by Min Ren, some were brought to the Sect by Dark Crow, and many others were created by next generations. However, with a decline of the Sect, they first lost Min Ren's Heaven's Will Secret Law,[45] and even more of the Sect's techniques were stolen later on by Heavenly God Sect during the Destruction of Cleansing Incense Ancient Kingdom, especially Immortal Emperor Merit Laws; there are only around three to five such Merit Laws left in the Sect.[10]



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