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Chi Xiaodie (池小蝶: Little Butterfly) is the princess of the Lion's Roar Country. Later she became Li Qiye's maid.

Chi Xiaodie obtained a grand Dao inside the World Tree after she was transported to a place where an immortal voice was preaching the grand Dao.

She followed Li Qiye during the war of to the Heavenly Dao Academy.

She didn't follow Li Qiye when he ascended the Tenth World after became an Immortal Emperor.

Chi Xiaodie is one of the inhabitants of the Nine Worlds who was confirmed to have lived until the Eight Desolates Epoch.[1]

During the Great Calamity she assaulted the Ancient Ming ,who descended to get heavenly corpses, with using the Nine Worlds Evil Subduer . Because of this event, she was known as savior of eight desolates along with Immortal Emperor Zhan by future descendants.

After the calamity and start of new epoch, disasters happened everywhere and world entered a Chaotic Era. She gathered worlds most powerful people to discuss about how to the deal with this situation, later this event known Myriad Sects Gathering.

Because of her various deed and strength she was one of the most respected figures in entire Eight Desolates and even Dao Lords was respectful against to her.


When Li Qiye first met her she was adorned with a complete phoenix garment. This was not a traditional phoenix dress as the upper dress was more like a phoenix spreading its wings. These two wings accentuated the towering breasts of this girl while the lower portion of the dress revealed a narrow and soft waist as white as snow — extremely tender and smooth. The skirt was like a phoenix that had its white feathered tail fanned out, swaying and flowing. It created a very beautiful scene that matched quite well with its wearer.

She is the embodiment of both nobleness and arrogance. Her bright eyes With faintly golden pupils easily move others. Her hair resembles strands of golden silk, creating an exotic allure. She is just like a canary — both elegant and full of pride. She has an overbearing style, but her appearance still contains a dignified air that dispel any trace of shallowness.



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