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Originally a royal family of the Jade Valley Country, Chen Clan ruled over country for many years.[1]

Jewel Pillar Sacred School

The Clan member and Empress of the Jade Valley Country once married a lowborn young man. He joined the Chen Clan and together they created the Jewel Pillar Sacred School.[1]

Unfortunately, this was later lost in history and even future generations of Chen Clan believed that they were descendants of Jewel Pillar Sacred School's progenitor instead of the Jade Valley Empress.[1]


Chen Clan eventually declined and was demoted from its ruling position. It became a subordinate of the Jewel Pillar Sacred School and in their name controlled a small part of the Jade Valley Country.[1]

Current Era

Chen Clan's descendant — Chen Baojiao — became a regional princess of one of Jade Valley Country's many regions. Later on, her beauty attracted Heavenly God Dao Child of the Heavenly God Sect and he wanted to marry her. The Jade Valley Country was very happy to get such powerful backer, so they promoted Chen Baojiao and made her an official princess so that she would be worthy of Dao Child.[1]


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