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She was the princess of the Jade Valley Country and when Li Qiye met her he was shocked by her potential and decided to cultivate her into an Immortal Emperor. However she declined as she only wanted to be a loving wife and mother to her husband who became the Jewel Pillar Sacred School's Progenitor.[1]

When the two married the Jade Valley Country was the dowry for the wedding.[1]

Her husband reached Grand Completion Saint Physique, and was considered the strongest within that era. But in fact, behind the curtain of being a virtuous wife and good mother, she was even stronger than her husband. Li Qiye gave her Supreme Physique Law to cultivate, and she reached Grand Completion of the Tyrannical Valley Immortal Spring Physique, becoming the most horrifying powerhouse of her age. If she took action, she would absolutely be able to suppress the strongest contemporary Virtuous Paragons.[2]



  • 2 Mention(s) of Chen Clan's ancestral grandmother
  • 1 Technique(s) used by Chen Clan's ancestral grandmother
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