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Chen Baojiao (陈宝娇: Lovable Jewel) was born in the Jade Valley Country. A member of the Chen Clan, she was originally only a regional princess of one of Country's many regions.[1]

Later on, her beauty attracted Heavenly God Dao Child of the Heavenly God Sect and he wanted to marry her. The Jade Valley Country was very happy to get such powerful backer, so they promoted Chen Baojiao and made her an official princess so that she would be worthy of Dao Child.[1]

A victim of a politically arranged marriage, Chen Baojiao fiercely fought against it.[2] She wanted to be treated as a person instead of just a beautiful girl with big breasts and no brains. Because of this she cultivated crazily and spend much more time and efforts on cultivation than any other person. Unfortunately, despite all her efforts and seemingly good talent, she only managed to reach the Named Hero level with great difficulty. Chen Baojiao was very confused about this matter, but couldn't find a reason for it.[1]

Evil Infested Ridge

Under Shi Gandang's protection Chen Baojiao arrived at the Evil Infested Ridge when the time for its next opening arrived. Upon arriving, Chen Baojiao attacked Heavenly God Dao Child out of defiance for their arranged marriage. Unfortunately, she was weaker than Dao Child and was almost defeated. Li Qiye ordered Li Shuangyan to stop Dao Child, while he himself invited Chen Baojiao to join his side, but she refused.[3]

Months later — when most of the cultivators gathered at the entrance to the Evil Typha Tree's nest in the search for a God-Monarch's treasure — Chen Baojiao had met again with Li Qiye and Heavenly God Dao Child. Li Qiye again invited her to join his side that greatly infuriated Heavenly God Dao Child. Li Qiye, however, dismissed him and ordered Li Shuangyan to kill him. Imperial Advisor Si Tu interfered and stopped their battle before it even started and advised everyone to concentrate on finding the supposed God-Monarch's treasure instead of fighting each other. Dao Child heed the advice and entered the nest with many other cultivators.[4][5]

Before Chen Baojiao could enter the nest, Li Qiye asked her to stay behind for a little talk and showed a secret mudra of the Chen Clan to convince her.[5] Li Qiye revealed that her cultivation stagnated, because she had a rarest Physique in the world — the Tyrannical Valley Immortal Spring Physique.[1] He also revealed that he is the only one in the world who can provide a Physique Merit Law for this Physique and asked her to join his side — as a maid.[6]

Chen Baojiao and Shi Gandang went into the nest together with other cultivators. They found a lot of treasures right after entering so, driven by greed, they went deeper and deeper. Soon, however, they were besieged and attacked by Evil Typha Tree's roots from all sides with no way to retreat. Chen Baojiao was attacked by more roots than others, due to the nature of her special Physique. Shi Gandang was forced to use his full power to protect her, but even so he was quickly wounded. Long Xiangtian wanted to help Chen Baojiao, but was stopped by Imperial Advisor Si Tu.[7] Instead it was Li Qiye, who helped them out. His group killed all the roots with the Lotus Ash and then used Holy Water to cleanse the roots that invaded Shi Gandang's body. Li Qiye then brought Chen Baojiao and Shi Gandang with him on the hunt for the Evil Typha Tree's main root.[8]

. . .

When, Heavenly God Dao Child forsook her instead of trying to rescue her from the Typha Tree’s roots, her hatred of him solidified and she bore him a deep grudge. She was saved by Li Qiye and witnessed him confronting the Evil Typha Tree with Immortal Emperor Xue Xi's formation. She fully realized then, just how capable and ferocious Li Qiye was as he not only planned the destruction of the Tree, but lured in all of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect's enemies to be destroyed by the rampaging Evil Typha Tree.[9]

Upon returning to her home, she declared she would never marry the person who left her to die and destroyed her cultivation in entirety, cutting off all ties she had to her home. She then travelled to the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, asking if Li Qiye’s offer of training under him still stood.[10]

He gladly accepted her and revealed the secrets of her ancestral grandmother as well as teaching her the Tyrannical Valley Immortal Spring Physique.[11]

She would cultivate up to Virtuous Paragon and gain a minor accomplishment in her physique. Next to Su Yonghuang, she is the strongest person of the Sect.[12]

The Jewel Pillar Sacred School would later attempt to convince her to return when they learn that she has cultivated an Immortal Physique but she coldly rejects them.[13]

She quickly develops feelings for Li Qiye and displays an enjoyment for kissing him. Whereas her best friend/rival Li Shuangyan is shy and hesitant about showing her affections, she flaunts it and loves being intimate with Li Qiye.[14]

Eight Desolates

After Li Qiye becomes Immortal Emperor she leaves with him for the Tenth World.


With extreme beauty, her blue hair was like a waterfall and had tall brows and eyes like a red phoenix. Her oval face was blessed with crimson luscious lips. This woman was seductive while she also carried a gentle feel like the water. One frown, one smile, one glance was already enough to charm all human souls with her seductive beauty.

Her figure was even more fascinating, it was enough turn your spirit and soul upside down. Even though this woman was wearing a silk gown, one could still see the milky breasts that could shake others straight to the core. The milky breasts towered like the high peaks — very full and round. Even her baggy clothes were not enough to hide their appearance as they seemed to be trying to break free.

Her figure was poise and elegant and had a very thin waist while her thrilling bottom was mind blowing. It perched upward — round and plump. Even her large dress was not enough to hide the supreme valley.

What made even more people to lose their minds were her slender and long jade-like thighs. They seemed to be roundly crafted in a meticulous manner; one part bigger was too fat, but one part smaller was too thin.

The woman before them, her features were not peerless in this world, but she was definitely a charming existence that caused others to be emotional. She was absolutely a femme fatale that made all men want to embrace her.[2]




  • Tyrannical Immortal Saber[15]
  • Fire God’s Calmheart[17]



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