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The Charming Spirits is one of the Races favored by the heavens,[1] and it could be considered the most gifted race out of the myriad of races.[2]

The Charming Spirits' origin seems to be related to the Great Maelstrom.[?]

Their first branch's cultivation could be described to be extremely easy. Some people believe that the Charming Spirits were descendants of the Ancient Immortals. There were also some who referred to them as the Godly Race or the Heavenly Race. To many people, it was a proud matter to have some Charming Spirit blood.[3]

Desolate Era

The first Immortal Emperor in history was Immortal Emperor Gu Chun from the Charming Spirit Race.[3]

Oldest Lineage?

While Gu Chun's Four Branches is most likely the strongest lineage of the Charming Spirit Race, it is not the first one. Several other lineages are known to be older than it.

The Dream Empyrean is largely believed to be the oldest lineage of the Charming Spirit Race with the most orthodox and purest bloodline out of all the Charming Spirits. Because of this, their Divine Reflection far exceeds that of other Charming Spirits.[4]

Another lineage, the Spirit Abyss, claims that entire Charming Spirit Race originated from it.[5]

However, according to Li Qiye, the oldest and purest lineage of the Charming Spirit Race is actually the Buzhan Clan, followed by Spirit Abyss, then Dream Empyrean and then the Gu Chun's Four Branches[4]

. . .

Later, another Charming Spirit, Xiu Shui, also became an Immortal Emperor.[2]

During the Desolate Era or Desolate Expansion Era, the first branch of the Charming Spirit Race had an extremely bright genius. He created the evil technique, the Nine Sun Annihilating God Law.[6]

Emperors Era

Some Charming Spirits joined the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, when the Sect was at its prime.[1]

Current Era

The sixth generation prince-in-law of the Tortoise Country was one fourth Charming Spirit. After his death the Tortoise Country brought his body to the Ancient Heavenly Corpse Burial Ground.[3]

Some Charming Spirits are members of the Thousand Carp River and the Simple Mountain Immortal Kingdom.[7]

Eight Desolates

Charming Spirits exist in Eight Desolates. There are ancient charming spirit lineages are still active but some of them reclusive.


Charming Spirits are very similar to humans in appearance, but they have a inborn ability, the Divine Reflection. This Divine Reflection make easier to comprehend the dao, understand the void and changes of nature and sensing the heaven and earth. For this reason they are called cultivation geniuses and a race favored by the heavens.[9]


  • Charming Spirits are most likely equivalent to european fantasy elves/fairies.[1][10]


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