The Charming Fragmented Realm is an ancient battlefield that exists in the realm separated from the Nine Worlds. The only known method to get there is by using the Untethered Vessel's portal.[1]

The Charming Fragmented Realm is rumored to have some connection to the origin of the Charming Spirits. Generations of Charming Spirits had researched this place, but no one knew what was within. Because of this, many assumed that it was a forsaken wasteland of an abandoned ancient battlefield.[1]

Gu Chun

When Gu Chun was young, he went to the Charming Fragmented Realm and obtained a supreme fortune, the source of the Charming Spirits that helped him to become the first Immortal Emperor.[1]

Wu Gou

Apart from Immortal Emperor Gu Chun, only Immortal Emperor Wu Gou was able to obtain something from the Charming Fragmented Realm. He obtained the Void Imperfection Spring and brought it back to his Void Imperfection Three Schools.[1]


The Charming Fragmented Realm is a fragmented world full of questions.[1]

Here, the mountains were either shattered or torn asunder. The earth was split by shocking scars everywhere. Even the oceans here had boiled into deserts. Up in the sky, gigantic peaks had been pulled down by universal laws. Enormous stars from up above fell onto the ground.[1]

From these individual scenes, one could imagine the horrifying events that transpired here. It could have been a natural disaster or a heaven-shattering war.[1]


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