The Chaotic Heart Forest is a place where the Nine Saint Demon Gate judged a disciple's innate talents, cultivation affinity, and willpower. It was created by Nine Saint Virtuous Paragon to train disciple's willpower.[1]

It consists of fourteen levels. Going through level seven was considered a wondrous task for the younger generation. To complete level seven, one would have to have a tenacious willpower or a high level of cultivation.[1] Passing through all fourteen levels was considered as an impossible feat. From the ancient past until now, none of the younger generation of the Nine Saint Demon Gate had ever accomplished it. Not to mention the younger generation, even Demon King Lun Ri, their current Sect Master, couldn't do it.[2]

From an outside view, there were no drastic visual differences between it and a normal forest. However, intruders would see realistic illusions. Even the ones that possessed mystic eyes could not see through the technique unless they were stronger than Nine Saint Virtuous Paragon. Otherwise, the technique would be reality for all who stepped inside. For example, one could find himself trapped in a sea of fire. The body would feel as if it was actually entrapped; the mind would clearly feel the pain. The higher the level, the stronger the illusion would be. Of course, cultivators could still use cultivation techniques to mitigate the pain as well as Merit Laws to prevent the fire from reaching body. The only thing was that the person could not escape the Forest using any distance traversing techniques.[1]

Current Era

The Chaotic Heart Forest was used as the first trial for Li Qiye. Xu Hui was able to walk up to the seventh level,[1] but Li Qiye effortlessly walked through all 14 levels.[2]


The Chaotic Heart Forest is a part of the Nine Saint Demon Gate.[3]

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