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Chaotic Era started as a result of the Great Calamity and few records exist about this era.

After the War in the World of Death, the Nine Worlds broke down and the world has reshaped. One landmass was blown out of the Nine Worlds and some continents slammed into each other. The Nine Worlds' framework and barriers broke down so they started squeezing together. One burial ground was blown out of the Nine Worlds as well. The remaining parts became known as Eight Desolates.[1]

Many lineages turned to ashes overnight. As a result of this disaster, Chaos widespread, and era known as Chaotic Era started.

This era of chaos really weakened the cultivation world.[2]

After the chaos of destruction came new lives and races. Dao Lords proved themselves during this lost era, modeling the eight desolates and rebuilding the world barriers.[1]

Known Facts


  • 19 Race(s) from Chaotic Era
  • 64 Character(s) from Chaotic Era
  • 77 Location(s) from Chaotic Era
  • 48 Item(s) from Chaotic Era
  • 36 Technique(s) from Chaotic Era


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