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The Celestial Peak the Divine School was built upon once was a fortress made by the Ancient Ming race. The Ancient Ming built it here because of the powerful cursed item buried undergound. After the fortress's destruction during the Ancient Ming Era Li Qiye commanded his most powerful Godking to preside over this territory. He also gave the Imperial Draco-Bull and many treasures to this Godking to make up for the his effort. After sealing it's ground so the item is never found, the Godking never told this secret to his descendants. He then established the Celestial Peak Divine School who became just as strong as any Imperial Lineages.[1]


However for some unknown reason the Divine School failed their duty and personally unearthed the item. The slumbering Imperial Draco-Bull then sealed that item again, but it was too late. The majority of the Divine School's experts, even Godkings, were killed by the cursed item. Because of that the school started to decline and eventually, it was unable to rise up and collapsed completely.[2]

Current Era

After finding what happened to the Divine School, Li Qiye found the Imperial Draco-Bull and took the cursed item.[2]


  • 2 Character(s) from Celestial Peak Divine School