List of quotes by Li Qiye.
“ One thought to become Buddha, another to become Devil, but who actually knows that one thought can also become Emperor! „
Li Qiye[1]
“ The endless dao of the world could only be below her feet. The heavens above could be nothing but silent. She carries the dazzling Heaven's Will. Under her illuminating radiance, everything else becomes dim and listless. „
Li Qiye[2]
“ Pure to the point of stupidity! „
Li Qiye about Min Ren's first love[3]

Additional quotesEdit

“ Nothing is impossible, because I am Li Qiye! „
— Li Qiye[4]

“ Even if I am an ant, I will not yield to the heaven and earth. I will kill my way to the nine heavens and never submit for I am Li Qiye! „
— Li Qiye[5]

“ The world is full of suffering. I will leave one day on a path of no return, never turning back or stopping for anyone. I can become the absolute god in the nine worlds or an unstoppable force in the tenth, but I won’t be a good father, not a responsible one. My gaze halts for no one and my heart softens for none. „
— Li Qiye[6]

“ I'm not afraid of death or anyone who wants to kill me. I don't think anyone can do so either, outside of the Villainous Heaven. „
— Li Qiye[7]

“ Many masters were so sure of themselves in front of me, convinced of their victory. That’s what I enjoy the most, defeating their ace cards and shattering their confidence. „
— Li Qiye[8]

“ Perhaps I am not the strongest in history and certainly not the most brilliant, but my dao heart allows me to stand tall. „
— Li Qiye[9]

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