List of quotes by Li Qiye.
“ The Grand Dao lasts for ages, only my will is invincible!大道悠悠,唯我道心无敌! „
Li Qiye[5]
“ Demise? The Nine Saint Demon Gate has become too arrogant. If there was the danger of a sect's demise, it would be yours!灭门之祸?九圣妖门太把自己当作一回事了,要灭门,是你们九圣妖门! „
Li Qiye[6]
“ If there are gods in this world, then I am the lord of the gods. If there are immortals in this world, then I am the king of the immortals.若说世间有神,我便是诸神之主,若是世间有仙,我便是众仙之王! „
Li Qiye[1][1]
“ People next to me, with the exception of myself, do not need to greet anyone else! You're only a descendant from an Ancient Kingdom, you're not qualified to be greeted by the people by my side.我身边的人,除了我,何需要拜见他人!区区古国传人,还不够资格让我身边的人拜见! „
Li Qiye about Azure Mysterious Heavenly Prince[2][2]
“ I don't mind having too many enemies. The more I have, the worst thing that could happen is that blood will flow like the rivers and corpses will turn into mountains.反正我这个人不介意敌人多,敌人多了,最多也就是血流成河,尸骨如山。 „
Li Qiye[3][3]
“ Even if you are my enemy, I still could have spared your life. However, ruining my matters… even if you are a son of an Immortal Emperor, I would still kill without mercy!就算你与我为敌,我都可以仁慈饶你一命。坏我此事,就算仙帝之子,杀无赦! „
Li Qiye about Nantian Hao[4][4]
“ Only Demon under the Heavens天妖唯我 „
Nine Saint Virtuous Paragon
“ Mere Chicken above the Earth一地鸡毛 „
Li Qiye[7]
“ What is so good about being the king of gods or an Immortal Emperor? That would be very boring. Since time immemorial, there have been many Immortal Emperors, so there is nothing new about being one. It would be very meaningless.神王之皇、一代仙帝,这有什么好当?当起来也觉得有点腻。万古以来,仙帝又不少,没什么独特,当着也觉得没意思。 „
Li Qiye[8]
“ I calculated with my fingers.掐指一算 „
Li Qiye[9]
“ It's only a small sect, not enough to reach the apex.小门小派而已,何足为道。 „
Li Qiye about Heavenly God Sect[10]
“ Confess? This word isn't part of my vocabulary! While I still have no intention to kill you, you should get out of my sight immediately, as far as possible!请罪?我字典里没有这两个字,在我还没有想杀你之前,立即给我滚,能滚多远就滚多远! „
Li Qiye[11]
“ Whoever blocks my path, I kill without mercy!挡我道者,杀无赦! „
Li Qiye[12]
“ If there are gods in this world, then it would indeed be considered one. However…若是世间有诸神,它算是一尊,可惜… „
Li Qiye[13]
“ One thought to become Buddha, another to become Devil, but who actually knows that one thought can also become Emperor! „
Li Qiye[14]
“ The endless dao of the world could only be below her feet. The heavens above could be nothing but silent. She carries the dazzling Heaven's Will. Under her illuminating radiance, everything else becomes dim and listless. „
Li Qiye[15]
“ You are my pride, a reason for my arrogance.All of you are my pride, my reason for arrogance!I love trouble, especially those who come to chase me. The more the better so I can have a baptism of blood. This is the only thing that makes me feel alive and gets my blood boiling.Regardless of the circumstances, I am someone who likes to do one particular thing: shatter the self-esteem of others. They think that they are certain of winning, so I like to defeat and stomp them beneath my feet until there is nothing left of their confidence. Only despair shall remain.Whoever blocks my path, I kill without mercy!I appreciate girls like you! A supreme beauty needs more than just a good bag of skin; one needs a sense of self-awareness and wisdom. Little girl, you have tempted me, so follow me. However, don't misunderstand. In the Nine Worlds and ten realms, there are very few women worthy of marrying me! I only need you to be by my side! In the future, there will be a spot for you among my supreme generals!There is no savior in this world, never has. At the very least, I'm not one of them. Only a butcher. Yes, I have guarded this world before. However, it was because the Ancient Mings were invaders in my eyes. They didn't belong to this world and they shouldn't have brought the darkness along with them! But worst of all, they shouldn't have opposed me, that's why I annihilated them. „
Li QiyeLi QiyeLi QiyeLi QiyeLi QiyeLi QiyeLi Qiye[16]
“ Pure to the point of stupidity! „
Li Qiye about Min Ren's first love[17]

Additional quotesEdit

“ Nothing is impossible, because I am Li Qiye! „
— Li Qiye[18]

“ Even if I am an ant, I will not yield to the heaven and earth. I will kill my way to the nine heavens and never submit for I am Li Qiye! „
— Li Qiye[19]

“ The world is full of suffering. I will leave one day on a path of no return, never turning back or stopping for anyone. I can become the absolute god in the nine worlds or an unstoppable force in the tenth, but I won’t be a good father, not a responsible one. My gaze halts for no one and my heart softens for none. „
— Li Qiye[20]

“ I'm not afraid of death or anyone who wants to kill me. I don't think anyone can do so either, outside of the Villainous Heaven. „
— Li Qiye[21]

“ Many masters were so sure of themselves in front of me, convinced of their victory. That’s what I enjoy the most, defeating their ace cards and shattering their confidence. „
— Li Qiye[22]

“ Perhaps I am not the strongest in history and certainly not the most brilliant, but my dao heart allows me to stand tall. „
— Li Qiye[23]

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