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The Buzhan Clan is one of the most ancient lineages in the Nine Worlds. Some people believe, that it was created by Immortal Emperor Bu Zhan during the Ancient Ming Era, but in fact it already existed for a long time before he was even born. The Buzhan Clan exists at least since the Desolate Era and is even older than the Gu Chun's Four Branches (the first Imperial Lineage in history).[1]

According to Li Qiye, the Buzhan Clan is the oldest lineage of the Charming Spirit Race and has the most orthodox and purest bloodline of the Charming Spirit Race.[2]

Despite of its ancient heritage, the Buzhan Clan was never famous. Outside of Immortal Emperor Bu Zhan's generation, the Clan had always acted in a very low-key manner. Some people guessed that this had something to do with their origin.[1]


The Buzhan Clan's main base is situated in the Abyss Sea region of the Heaven Spirit World.[1]

The Clan also owns an unnamed island in the Jade Sea.[1]


  • 3 Character(s) from Buzhan Clan


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