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The Twelve Forbidden Burial Grounds (十二葬地) are twelve extremely dangerous grounds spread across the Nine Worlds. Despite the name, they are not necessarily burial grounds, but areas that have been the cause of death of many cultivators. They are so dangerous that even an Immortal Emperor would not dare to tread into their deepest parts. The only one who has explored all Twelve thoroughly is likely to be Li Qiye. It has been hinted that they are the remnant of different previous epochs who have sealed themselves there to survive their end of the world and hide from the Old Villainous Heavens.

  1. Ancient Heavenly Corpse Burial Ground
  2. Buddhist Burial Plateau
  3. Prime Ominous Grave
  4. Drystone Courtyard
  5. Great Maelstrom
  6. Bonesea
  7. Divine Tree Ridge
  8. Heavenfall Abyss (天堕渊)[1]
  9. Death Immortal Lake (死仙湖)[2]


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  • 7 Burial Grounds


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