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The Buddhist Burial Plateau is one of the 12 Forbidden Burial Grounds.[1]

In a forgotten era,[1] Di Shi obtained the Myriad Thoughts Pot and the Buddhist Burial Plateau was created in result.[2]

In Eight Desolate Epoch, Buddhist Burial Plateau collapsed and disappeared, becoming a desert, Its remnants buried in Western King.[3]


The Buddhist Burial Plateau is situated at the westernmost point of the Barren Earth region of the Mortal Emperor World. It is considered the highest location of the Mortal Emperor World and noboby exactly know how vast it is. In the Buddhist Burial Plateau there are towns everywhere and more temples than in the rest of the Nine Worlds combined.[1]


  • Buddhist City
  • Lesser Imperial Devil World
  • Spirit Mountain
    • Nalanda Temple
    • Four Grand Void Tribulations
      • Four Buddhas Temple
      • Three Grand Temples
        • Grand Heaven Temple
        • Grand Earth Temple
        • Grand Mortal Temple
      • Six Tribulation Temples
        • Deity Tribulation Temple
        • Saint Tribulation Temple
        • Sage Tribulation Temple
        • Mortal Tribulation Temple
      • Eight Void Temples
        • Zen Void Temple
        • Comprehension Void Temple
        • Capability Void Temple
        • Heart Void Temple


The Buddhist Burial Plateau is considered the safest of the 12 Forbidden Burial Grounds. The Buddhist Burial Plateau is inhabitated by mortals and cultivators but there is only one lineage, Buddhism. Outsiders who stay in the Buddhist Burial Plateau for a long time are slowly converted into Buddhism.[1]




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