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His entire life Bu Si (不死: Undying/Everlasting) was praised as an undying who possessed true eternal life. He was put down time and time again; these were real deaths, not a type of suspended animation. However, he always climbed out of the dirt and revived successfully regardless of how he was killed.[1] Before his death, Bu Si went to Bonesea with an unknown goal for which he employed the help of Lord Bones, the lord of Bones Island. However, he tricked Lord Bones, which caused him to be unable to leave Bones Island for long, because of Lord Bones' deceit.


After so many deaths, he eventually became an Immortal Emperor. However, no one could have imagined that he would eventually collapse and die! Such a thing was too unbelievable. It became a stirring mystery.[1] Although the general public believes him to be dead, Li Qiye thinks otherwise.


For millions of years, everyone wanted to figure out why Bu Si was unkillable? Why did he collapse? Alas, an answer was not found. The only thing people knew for certain was that this was the only Immortal Emperor whose fate was known to all.[1]

Current Era

Sometime after Li Qiye's return to the Mortal Emperor World from the Stone Medicine World, Su Yonghuang got half of a map from her ancestor and departed for the Heaven Spirit World in search of the other half at the Minor Zen School. The map contained the location of Undying Gate and, possibly, of Bu Si's legacy. After Li Qiye departs from the Bonesea, he mentions Bu Si in a conversation between him and the Lord Bones, “Since Bu Si was successful, the two of you may meet again.” Which contradicts a previous quote “That brat Bu Si might be able to do it in this generation.” So whether he did manage to reincarnate again or not isn't made clear.


  • Skeletal Horse: It was Bu Si's mount.[2]



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