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“ It is better to offend an Imperial Lineage than to create a feud with the Bronze-Carapace Insect Tribe. „[1]



The Bronze-Carapace Insect Tribe is the tribe of the Ghost Immortal Race and one of the most ancient lineage in the Sacred Nether World. The Tribe has existed since the Desolate Era or even earlier.[1]

The Bronze-Carapace Insect Tribe never produced an Immortal Emperor, but one of their ancestors in the past had eaten an existence that rivaled an Immortal Emperor.[1]

Current Era

In the Current Era, the Bronze-Carapace Insect Tribe is an extremely frightening branch of the Ghost Immortal Race; anyone would feel a chill when their name was brought up.[1]

Prime Ominous Grave's Opening

When the news that the Prime Ominous Grave would be soon opened spread throughout the Sacred Nether World, the Bronze-Carapace Insect Tribe was among many groups that went and camped right outside of the Prime Ominous Grave to wait until it would be opened.[1]


The Bronze-Carapace Insect Tribe is situated in the Misty Field region of the Sacred Nether World.[1]


The Bronze-Carapace Insect Tribe is one of the tribes of the Ghost Immortal Race, but they look like a winged insects with extemelly tough bodies.[1]

This tribe are seems to be a gregarious species, fond of aggregating all its members into a giant swarm. They also seems to possess a hive-mind of sorts with one member acting as their leader and controlling all the others.[1]

The Bronze-Carapace Insect Tribe can be compared to locusts; members of this tribe can eat almost anything, even the dirt on the ground. Living being eaten by the Bronze-Carapace Insects wouldn't leave behind even bones; everything would be eaten.[1]

Their most dreadful aspect is their ability to reproduce. As long as the conditions are right, Bronze-Carapace Insects will immediately reproduce; the tribe can produce millions of offspring within a very short amount of time.[1]


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