The Brave Tiger Legion is one of the Dark Crow's Four Legions. It is composed by bronze statues with different shapes and expressions[1] created by pouring metal in a mold.[2] They look cold and tough without any signs of life. For millons of years, they fought along the Dark Crow against the Nine Worlds and massacred myriad realms.[1]

Emperors Era

After Divine Beast Realm tried to ambush Hong Tian, the Dark Crow sent the Brave Tiger Legion to the Stone Medicine World. The Brave Tiger Legion massacred the Divine Beast Realm.[3]

Current Era

The Brave Tiger Legion is currently sealed in a bronze palace in the Bi'an Beastworld. The Dark Crow used a lot of Blood Era Stones and divine metals to help them to resist time erosion.[1] They lend their power to Li Qiye in order to slay the Heavenly Eagle Godchild.[4]


  • Brave Tiger’s Temporal Spire[4]


  • 1 Event(s) in which Brave Tiger Legion participated
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