The Bonesea is one of the 12 Forbidden Burial Grounds and the most dangerous place in the Heaven Spirit World. It is full of mysteries, a land where countless have fallen, but this didn't deter people from going there.[1] The Bonesea is not the most dangerous among the twelve burial grounds, but it is definitely the cruelest. [2]

The Bonesea has a connection to the origin of the Sea Demons.[3]

Current Era

The Bonesea reopened in the current era as many cultivators hunt for treasure. In the forbidden zone of the Bonesea, a mysterious force was upset with Li Qiye trying to obtained the Trident as it belongs to the Sea Demons that it caused many tidal waves. The mysterious force couldn't do anything to reclaim the Trident as the primordial laws that were set since the start of time through the Death Scripture prevented it from taking the Trident back much to its displeasure.


The Bonesea is located in the Dragon Demon Sea region of the Heaven Spirit World.[4]



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