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“ The Bonesea is not the most dangerous among the twelve burial grounds, but it is definitely the cruelest.十二葬地,骨海或者不是最凶险的地方,但是,它是十二葬地中最残酷的地方! „
Li Qiye spoke while seeing the Bone Sea Region..[4]



The Bonesea is one of the 12 Forbidden Burial Grounds and the most dangerous place in the Heaven Spirit World. It is full of mysteries, a land where countless have fallen, but this didn't deter people from going there.[5]

The Bonesea has a connection to the origin of the Sea Demons.[1]

Current Era[]

The Bonesea reopened in the current era as many cultivators hunt for treasure. In the forbidden zone of the Bonesea, a mysterious force was upset with Li Qiye trying to obtained the Trident as it belongs to the Sea Demons that it caused many tidal waves. The mysterious force couldn't do anything to reclaim the Trident as the primordial laws that were set since the start of time through the Death Scripture prevented it from taking the Trident back much to its displeasure. Li Qiye, later decided to trade the trident for something even more mysterious.

After defeating the Spirit Abyss, Roaring Conch, Dream Empyrean, and the Ancestral Terra, Li Qiye issued a challenge to the Bonesea. However, it didn't respond. Li Qiye, believes that the Bonesea seems to have given up on their initial plans, which necessitates that they have/will find a completely new method.[6]

Eight Desolates[]

Bonesea disappeared in Eight Desolates Epoch.


The Bonesea is located in the Dragon Demon Sea region of the Heaven Spirit World.[3]


True to its name, this sea was full of bones! When standing above, regardless of the location, only bones were in sight. A sea made out of bones might be the most appropriate way to describe this region.

They piled into mountains, creating an astounding spectacle. Because of these piles, this sea seemed to be divided. It was difficult to see the whole ocean due to these bony protrusions. The visible water looked like narrow rivers, allowing the little ships to pass through the ghastly hills.

Anyone would be creeped out while being so close to death. The more timid crowd would forever be stained with this shadow for the rest of their life. Stray bones were also floating among the cold splashing waves. The majority of the skeletons here remained relatively intact, making it seem as if something had eaten the flesh while leaving the bones behind.

There were all kinds of skeletons from different creatures, not just humans. Their varied shapes exceeded one’s imagination. Some were unreasonably large while others were wonderfully small. Looking around, one would see a small pheasant-like skeleton next to a mountain-sized skeleton. The large ones came in a variety as well. There was an elephant head with its ivory tusks stretched out for dozens of miles, and another looked just like a dragon. This might be an ancient python; it spanned for several thousand miles just like a mountain range. One could easily imagine just how large and mighty it used to be when it was alive.

There was also a skeleton that looked like a peak protruding out of the sea all the way to the white clouds. A single glance wasn’t sufficient to discern the creature. However, upon closer inspection, one would find that this sky-piercing peak was only part of a finger, so just how large was the hand below the sea?

This was an example of gigantic humanoid skeletons beside great beasts. They looked just like continents half-immersed in the sea while their ribs looked like small mountain ranges.

These giants were true to the phrase “head wearing the sky and feet stomping the ground.”



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