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Bloodline (血统) is the equivalent of Physique in the 13 Continents of the Tenth World, but they are superior compared to Physiques, affecting other aspects apart from body constitution. For example, Nine Cauldrons Bloodline has the same effect as the Indestructible Diamond Immortal Physique and also improves the cultivator's Blood Energy, talent and True Fate.[1] However they have a disadvantage, Bloodlines are impossible to obtain if one hasn't born already with them and the possiblity of upgrade them is almost zero, whereas Physiques could be cultivated with enough resources.

There are Four Immortal Bloodlines representing four races, respectively the Heaven Race, Devil Race, Divine Race as well as the Hundred Races. From each one of the four Immortal Bloodline sprouts two Ancient Bloodlines (eight in total) and three Ancestral Bloodlines (twelve in total).[2]

Human Monarch Bloodline is the Immortal Bloodline of the Hundred Clans races, this bloodline appeared in first place on the Human Race hence its name. the Heaven Race have the Heaven Authority Bloodline, the Divine Race have the Divine Eternal Bloodline and the Devil Race have the Devil Bestowment Bloodline. Any other races could have a bloodline from another race but it power will weaker.[3]

The older a bloodline is, the more powerful it is. Possessing an Ancestral Bloodline means returning to the beginning of each race. An ancient bloodline could be traced to a mythical era; As for Immortal Bloodline, that was more mystical, the rumor said that were left by the immortals in incomparable ancient era.[2]

Bloodline Types[]

Bloodline Rank Race
Hundred Races (Human Race) Heaven Race Divine Race Devil Race
Immortal (仙血) Human Monarch (人王血统) Heaven Authority (天权血统) Divine Eternal (神永血统) Devil Bestowment (魔封血统)
Ancient (大古血) Nine Cauldrons (九鼎血统) Holy Power (圣权血统)
Unstoppable (无止血统)
Ancestral (祖血)

The list of characters with Divine Beast Bloodline[]

Name Bloodline Era World Lineage Notes
1 Ancestral Whale Kun Peng Emperors Era Heaven Spirit World Void Imperfection Three Schools
2 Five-sun King Kun Peng Myriad Dao Era Eight Desolate Five Yang Sect
3 Jian Qinzhu Phoenix Myriad Dao Era Eight Desolates Dragon Sect



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