The Blood-Devil Tribe is one of the strongest branches of the Blood Race; it produced three Immortal Emperors.[1]

Wang Clan

The Wang Clan was a prestigious clan, one of the oldest in the Blood-devil Tribe. It had actually produced an Immortal Emperor before, so it could be considered an ancient imperial lineage!


The Blood-Devil Tribe is situated in the Barren Earth region of the Mortal Emperor World.[1]


The Blood-Devil Tribe is great power with thirty-five lineages and fourteen countries under its control:

  1. Half-Moon Blood Tribe[1]
  2. Grand Palm Ancient Court[2]
  3. Pure Blood School[2]
  4. Saber Emperor School[3]
  5. Wang Clan[4]


  • 2 Character(s) from Blood-Devil Tribe
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