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This Era started when Blessed become Dao Lord as the other cultivators or sects were overshadowed by him.

This was an Era when the Eight Desolates's chaos weakened and cultivators became more powerful. True Immortal Sect ruled the Eight Desolates and suppressed all other races and inheritancs, crowning themselves as the rulers of the Eight Desolates.

The Dao Lord created the True Immortal Sect and spread seven mantras that later on were known as the Great Era Seven Laws. Great Era Seven Laws wide spread in this era and some of the future generations referred to these mantras as Laws of the Blessed.

However, people with sufficient knowledge, thought that the True Immortal Sect was falsely padding their own reputation. Because they knew that the seven laws have existed before Blessed Dao Lord. Cultivators and even Dao Lords have trained in these seven arts.

The Chaotic Era weakened the cultivation world. Prosperity only returned during Blessed Era. Blessed then re-compiled and promoted this laws and teached mantras all over the land. A lot of ordinary cultivators benefitted this from and Blessed earned golden reputation.

He brought prosperity to Eight Desolates and even most ordinary people tried to cultivate in this Era. Later some said Blessed was the Dao Lord with most disciples even though he didn't accept all of disciples just released doctrunies and mantras.

This prosperous era which started by Blessed known as Era of Blessed. This Era controlled by True Immortal Sect and its Dao Lords and lasted for seven generations.

At the end of this era, Emperor Ye became the Dao Lord and ended Era of Blessed and seriously damaged True Immortal Sect's foundation and later they never have Dao Lord.


  • 19 Race(s) from Blessed Era
  • 49 Character(s) from Blessed Era
  • 80 Location(s) from Blessed Era
  • 48 Item(s) from Blessed Era
  • 36 Technique(s) from Blessed Era


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