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Just hearing her voice would make people imagine a sexy demoness capable of stealing the soul.

A breeze accompanied by a sweet and refreshing fragrance came about. A girl was floating closer and landed on stone forest.

Slim and graceful, soft to the touch, each of her action flirted with the spectators.

Seduction was innate in this beautiful girl dressed in a red dress with cloud and flower patterns, barely hiding her fair skin beneath. Her hair draped on her shoulders like the waves and rippled with the breezes. One lost strand of hair on her cheek looked out of place, but it only demanded more attention to her enticing features.

Her figure couldn’t be described by the pen and ink. Large, soft breasts yet proudly arching without drooping. Her dress had a low neckline, allowing everyone to see the billowing waves in motion or the white and bottomless valley. Yes, one glance was certainly not enough and people kept coming back for more.

Long, fair legs accentuated her tall and thin figure along with her perfectly round and curvy buttocks. The well-fitting dress had a ribbon tied by the waist, clearly served to emphasize and display her praiseworthy bottom. Everyone would be shocked at first before thinking about how they would feel to the touch.

Her apricot eyes, bright and animated, could hook the soul. Just a wink of hers made the heart beat faster.

She can be compared to a colorful oil painting, seemingly done by a splashing style - very eye-catching and gorgeous. [2]


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