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The Bi'an Immortal Rod is the key to open the Bi'an Beastworld.[1]

Divine Beast Realm

At some point the Bi'an Immortal Rod was obtained by the Divine Beast Realm.[1]

Tie Clan

After desruction of the Divine Beast Realm, the Bi'an Immortal Rod ended up in the hands of Dark Crow. Unfortunately, it had expended all of its power so Dark Crow left it with Heavenly Flame Goddess so that she could hide it in the Stone Medicine World in order to borrow the worldly energy to nourish it.[1]

Heavenly Flame Goddess hide the Bi'an Immortal Rod in her Clan there it stayed for millions of years.[2]

Current Era

After millions of years, the Bi'an Immortal Rod finally recovered in strength, and Li Qiye obtained it after visiting the Tie Clan.[2]

Li Qiye soon used the Bi'an Immortal Rod to open the Bi'an Beastworld.[1]


It looks like a rod made from an unknown bronze-colored material and had an indescribable divine light coursing through it.[2]


  • It can open the Bi'an Beastworld, however it requires a great amount of power to do so. After being used it need a long time to recover its energy, thus it can be used only once every one or two generations.[4]
  • It is also needed to open the Bi'an City.[3]



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