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The Bi'an Beastworld is one of the six Ancestral Earths.[1] It exists at least since the Legendary Era, or maybe even since the Primordial Era.[2]

The path to the Bi'an Beastworld can be opened from the Stone Medicine World with the Bi'an Beastworld Key.[1]

Bi Shi

A stone once fell from the Bi'an Beastworld to the Stone Medicine World. It gained life and intelligence and became the Celestial Stone Golem, Bi Shi.[1]

Tetra-War Stone Protectors

Tetra-War Stone Protectors were born in the Bi'an Beastworld.[3] Dark Crow brought them out after countless efforts and they protected him for countless years.[4]

Bi'an Golem

Bi'an Golem was born in the Bi'an Beastworld, but for some deeds in the past he was exiled from it.[3]




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