Benevolent Armament was a set of armour from the Machine World. Li Qiye found it later and used his knowlegde about the lost civilization to mend it to its actual form.[1]

Emperors Era

Benevolent Armament was used by Min Ren in his toughest battle.[1]


Benevolent Armament looks like a gigantic iron man made of exquisite parts. It should be assembled around the user from tiny pieces, after that the Ancient Triangular School should be attached in his back as pair of wings and act as an engine. [1]


Benevolent Armament is a terrible weapon capable of crush a star with one hand. It also can kill several Godkings and God-Monarchs with one punch and tear apart the void, destroying spatial pathaways. As a downside, it needs lighting essence refined by an Immortal Emperor as fuel.[1]


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