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Blood Forefather

There is a legend in the Barren Earth about Blood Forefather, the progenitor of the Blood Race. It is said that when he was born, he siphoned the blood of the billions of existences in this region as well as all the worldly energy in the surrounding area. That's why it was named "Baren Earth". A long period later, Blood Forefather came back to the Barren Earth to die in the place that gave birth to him. After he died, all the Blood Energy and essences were returned to this land. Many years later, this land became verdant once more, a land of plenty.[1]


The Barren Earth is the southern region of the Mortal Emperor World.[2]



Although it has the name "Barren Earth", it is not a parched land. It is full of water sources and many areas in this region are known for their fertileness.[3]


  • 3 Appearance(s) of Barren Earth
  • 43 Character(s) from Barren Earth
  • 4 Nation(s) from Barren Earth
  • 8 Sect(s) from Barren Earth
  • 6 Place(s) from Barren Earth
  • 2 Tribe(s) from Barren Earth


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