Bai Longfei (白龙飞: White Soaring Dragon) was a vagabond Ghost Immortal born in the Sacred Nether World.[1]

He wasn't very powerful, but he was a natural born King Physique, the Soaring Dragon Physique. He cultivated it to Minor Completion and used his unmatched speed to contend with other geniuses of his generation.[1]

Thanks to his speed, he specialized in capturing others and was quite feared.[1]

Divine Spark Phoenix Maiden's Army

When Divine Spark Phoenix Maiden gathered an army to kill Li Qiye, Bai Longfei was among many cultivators who joined it.[1]

Having a Minor Completion Soaring Dragon Physique he was confident in his ability to capture Li Qiye alive and was the first one to attack him. Unfortunately, he understimated Li Qiye and was instantly killed by him.[1]


Sandstar Net (星砂网): It was refined from numerous stars in the vast galaxy. The moment the net is cast, it would be the same as an inescapable snare.[1]


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