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Bai Jianzhen (白剑真: True Sword) is the Prime Descendant of the Divine Sword Sacred Ground.[1]

First showing up at the Ancient Sky City to test her sword skills to open an old man's unopenable stone chest yet ultimately failed after one strike. She shows up in front of Li Qiye at the Ancient Heavenly Corpse Burial Ground to test her skills against him after seeing his skills. She made a gamble of her swinging against him 3 times to see if he survives while Li Qiye bet that she would be his maid if she failed. She challenged him twice before Young King Nantian interrupted the duel. The Young King tried to ally with Bai to team up against Li Qiye but she has honor and instead almost attacked the Young King himself.

She did not appear until Soaring Immortal gathering at the Buddhist Burial Plateau [2] with all the young geniuses. When Li Qiye crashed the gathering and everyone was gonna go their own way, she was stopped by him saying “I remember that we still have one sword left in our duel". before walking away. When Li Qiye's group was going to enter the Buddhist gate, Bai stood in front of them and wanted to continue the duel. Li Qiye refused to continue the duel but instead invited her to be his general with peerless sword skills that will be able to kill gods and devils. She agreed and promised with her true fate to follow him which ends up with her following him into the Buddhist gate.

She was among many people whom Li Qiye brought to the Tenth World with him after he became an Immortal Emperor.




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