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Azure Mysterious Heavenly Prince was successor of the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom.[1]

Evil Infested Ridge

He lead the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom's group into the Evil Infested Ridge in search for treasures.[2]

He, alone, killed a 150,000 years old Longevity Spirits.[3]

Leng Chengfeng from the Nine Saint Demon Gate accompanied Heavenly Prince in his travels. At some point they encountered Li Qiye, Niu Fen and Li Shuangyan. Heavenly Prince tried to impress Li Shuangyan, but was ignored by her and humiliated by Li Qiye. Enraged by his behavior, one of the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom's elders attacked Li Qiye. However, Niu Fen not only stopped the attack, but also torn away and devoured elder's arm. Everyone present were scared by his action. Kingdom's Grandpa Guan was the only one, who recognized Niu Fen's origin and quickly persuaded Heavenly Prince to drop the matter and retreat.[4]

After Heaven Extermination Devil Ape massacred thousands of cultivators, Leng Chengfeng went back to the Nine Saint Demon Gate to bring an Emperor Treasure to assist Heavenly Prince and earn his respect.[5]

Grandpa Guan advised Heavenly Prince to not enter the depths of the Evil Infested Ridge, because there could be even more powerful beasts like Heaven Extermination Devil Ape. Heavenly Prince, however, insisted on going deeper.[6]

. . .

He fell into Li Qiye's trap at the Evil Typha Tree's nest and was forced to use an Immortal Emperor's treasure to protect himself and his clansmen. Eventually he abandoned all of them and escaped with Heavenly God Sect's Heavenly God Dao Child.

Heavenly Dao Academy

He joined the Sacred Era Hall of the Heavenly Dao Academy and colluded with several prodigies of his generation to kill Li Qiye, but instead was killed himself.


His stature was proud and tall. He was encompassed by a green light, as if he was born in the chaos, like the son of the heavens. Even though one couldn't see his features clearly, he wore a godly crown while wearing an imperial robe, like a heavenly king patrolling the world. What was especially noticeable was the azure aura coming out from his gaze, like a morning celestial, being able to see through all things.[1]


Azure Mysterious Heavenly Prince was cultivating Immortal Emperor Merit Laws of two different Immortal Emperors at the same time. One from Immortal Emperor Qing Xuan and another from Immortal Emperor San Dao.[2]


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