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The Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom is an Imperial Lineage created by Immortal Emperor Qing Xuan. It became the Ancient Kingdom after producing it's second Immortal Emperor, San Dao.[1]

With legacies of two Immortal Emperors, the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom became one of the strongest lineages in the Grand Middle Territory, beneath only to War God Temple.[1]

Emperors Era

The Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom assisted the Heavenly God Sect in their attack on the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect.[?]

Current Era

Evil Infested Ridge

Azure Mysterious Heavenly Prince lead the Kingdom's group into the Evil Infested Ridge in search for treasures.[1]

Leng Chengfeng from the Nine Saint Demon Gate accompanied Azure Mysterious Heavenly Prince in his travels. At some point they encountered Li Qiye, Niu Fen and Li Shuangyan. Heavenly Prince tried to impress Li Shuangyan, but was ignored by her and humiliated by Li Qiye. Enraged by his behavior, one of the Kingdom's elders attacked Li Qiye. However, Niu Fen not only stopped the attack, but also torn away and devoured elder's arm. Everyone present were scared by his action. Kingdom's Grandpa Guan was the only one, who recognized Niu Fen's origin and quickly persuaded Heavenly Prince to drop the matter and retreat.[2]

. . .

Unfortunately they were all killed by Li Qiye, and only Azure Mysterious Heavenly Prince managed to escape, by sacrificing Immortal Emperor's treasure.[?]

After that the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom colluded with the Heavenly God Sect to kill Li Qiye.[?]

Ancient Heavenly Corpse Burial Ground

As many other sects and nations, the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom planned to bury their Ancestor in the Ancient Heavenly Corpse Burial Ground. In the end their Ancestor was killed by Li Qiye, while entire group was massacred by Middle Continent Ancient Kingdom's Middle Continent Princess.[3]

Heavenly Dao Academy

The Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom was part of the alliance, which planned to destroy the Heavenly Dao Academy. However, they fell into Li Qiye's trap and were destroyed. Moreover Li Qiye stole their Immortal Emperor's treasure and used it to kill Azure Mysterious Heavenly Prince.[?]


The Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom allied with the Space Trample Mountain and Heavenly God Sect to destroy the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect and kill Li Qiye however the tables were turned on them. Bu Lianxiang killed their Heavenly Guardian and several ancestors. She then took away the Kingdom's treasury with all their treasures and manuals.[4]

While the Kingdom wasn't fully destroyed, it pretty much lost all its qualification of Imperial Lineage. Without its imperial treasures and Merit Laws and without protection of the Heavenly Guardian and ancestors, the Kingdom will be likely divided by others in the future.[4]


Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom is situated in the Grand Middle Territory region of the Mortal Emperor World.[1]




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